Permutations Of Nucleotides On DNA - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory of Evolution

The issue of permutations of nucleotides is easily the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true.

A "permutation" is a specific way to order/sequence a set of numbers, letters or anything else. For example, here are a few of the ways that four letters (A, B, C and D in this case) can be ordered:
and so on.

Note that the first three items contain the same four letters, but the letters are in a different sequence!!! When dealing with permutations the sequence is critical to determining how many items there are in the listing of permutations.

Note also that redundancy of letters (in the same item) is allowed to be in the list of permutations. That is the case with "BDAA" where "A" is used twice in the same element.

All of these items are different and unique permutations:
and so on.

As you can see in this next list, the same batting average can show up more than once (e.g. the batting averages of the players on a baseball team - two players may have the same batting average):
Bill: .298
John: .352
Herman .315
Cecil .298
and so on.

Note that Bill and Cecil have the same batting average. However, we look at the entire line, not just the batting average!!! Thus there are four permutations in the above list.

When dealing with the issue of permutations of nucleotides, duplication of elements in the same list is not allowed because we are only going to count unique permutations!!!

This list would not be allowed because two of the items are identical all the way across:

Why Permutations Are Important To The Theory Of Evolution Debate

DNA is a sequence of nucleotides, meaning a sequence of four letters (the four types of nucleotides): A, C, G, and T. For example, the sequence of nucleotides on a DNA strand may include the following sequence of nucleotides: ... AAGCTTATTAGAG ...

A specific list of nucleotides on a DNA strand will likely include all four types of nucleotides: A, C, G and T many times!!! I cannot imagine a human DNA strand (which has 3,200,000,000 nucleotides) which would not have each of the four types of nucleotides occur millions of times!!!

There are many reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. Some of them have to do with the physical contruction of cells or DNA. But in this case we will be dealing with the sequence of nucleotides on a DNA strand (which is called a "permutation").

We will only be counting unique sequence of nucleotides, meaning redundancy of the nucleotides on a complete DNA strand will not be allowed in this article. In other words, each permutation of nucleotides (in this case) must be unique in order to be counted!!!!

The words "sequence" and the word "ordering" and the word "permutation" all mean exactly the same thing.

While many people think that DNA is what is controlling the cell divisions so that a new baby can be created from a single fertilized egg (i.e. ovum), the Sixteen Cells Paradox article on this website proves that DNA cannot be the main thing that is controlling the cell divisions.

While it is convenient to think of DNA as the object code of a gigantic computer program which not only contains computer programs to control cell divisions (from a single fertilized egg to a new baby), in fact DNA is mostly a database used by the spirit of the new baby. So DNA is not what is primarily controlling cell divisions as the Sixeen Cells Paradox article proves.

As that article demonstrates, DNA is largely a database for the "spirit" and it is this "spirit" that is primarily controlling the cell divisions. DNA is largely a database of elements so the new baby will have features of both his or her father and mother.

Every DNA sequence of a living animal is very sophisticated. For example, suppose a new baby had this ordering (i.e. permutation) of nucleotides for the entire length of their DNA:
ACGTACGTACGTACGTACGT...(for the entire DNA strand)

The baby with this permutation of nucleotides would not survive because there is no intelligence or useful data in this ordering.

But while the issue of "permutations of nucleotides" is purely mathematical, IT IS A DEADLY REASON the theory of evolution cannot be true!! In fact, it is one the most deadly reasons evolution cannot be true and in fact it is clearly the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true as this article will prove!!

But this article will focus on viable permutations of nucleotides, regarless of how the DNA is actually used by the body of any animal. We will only talk about animals in this article not plants or insects for example.

Advanced Permutations Issues

As a baseline there are about 4500 atoms in this Universe!!! That is a very big number.

However, the number of possible permutations (i.e. a "unique permutation" or just "permutation") of a human DNA strand (a human DNA strand is 3,200,000,000 nucleotides long), meaning the number of unique ways a human DNA strand can be sequenced, is 43,200,000,000 permutations!!

When you wake up from your shock, here is the number again: 43,200,000,000 permutations!!

This number applies to each of these items (which must have the same total length and align with each other at the function level - such as the subsection of DNA involved with the liver):
1) male DNA in male sperm cells of the male and
2) female DNA in female sperm cells of the male and
3) the DNA in the ovum of the female which must align with both of the male DNA strands at the function level)

The number of unique sequences of nucleotides on human DNA dwarfs the number of atoms in many, many billions of billions of Universes!!!

In other words, all four DNA strands needed to create the human race (e.g. from bonobos if the theory of evolution were true) can be sequenced in 43,200,000,000 unique ways!!

All three of the types of human DNA have this level of permutations. And this is just for humans!!! However, if human DNA "evolved" from bonobo DNA for example four new DNA strands would be needed. I talk about this on the home page.

It would take a long time for students to write down every one of these 43,200,000,000 permutations of human DNA on a piece of paper!!! Hopefully they would get paid by the hour!!!

Remember, it takes four new DNA strands to create a new species, such as humans. And each of the four DNA strands needs very specialized DNA, and for humans each sequence of nucleotides on their DNA must come from among 43,200,000,000 permutations of nucleotides!!

Here is the key point: the vast, vast, vast, (literally insert the word "vast" one trillion more times) percent of these permutations would NOT create a viable human being or any other animal species. Yet four DNA strands (each with the same length) are needed to create every new animal species (and likely every new insect species) on this planet!!!

But the key is that evolution is totally stupid and does everything randomly (well, actually evolution doesn't exist so I am using the term "evolution" instead of "accidents" to keep things simple). If you put together four totally random sequences of nucleotides, to simulate evolution, the probability that they would be good enough to create a human baby (or any other animal) is far, far, far less that the probability of randomly picking a single correct atom from among a billion billion billion Universes the size of our Universe!!!!!!!!!

If evolution were true, and the DNA for any animal species (not just humans) had been sequenced by accidents, there would literally be more worthless DNA strands (which did not have a viable permutation of nucleotides) laying on the ground on this planet, than there are atoms in a trillion, trillion, trillion, ... Universes!!

Well, we can look at this another way. This is more interesting. If evolution were true, there would not be enough atoms in a trillion, trillion, trillion, ..., Universes to create four viable DNA strands which would be needed to create all of the animal species on this planet (current and extinct) via nothing but accidents - this is because there would be so many failures in the attempt to create this many viable DNA strands you would run out of atoms in all of these Universes before all of the species on just this planet were created!!!

Permutations are really not very user-friendly to the theory of evolution!!! It gets worse, trust me, I am just getting warmed up. You will wish my first college degree was in psychology instead of mathematics.

But also remember that four DNA strands, which must align with each other at the function level, are needed to create EACH OF THE 10 million animal species which have lived on this planet or currently live on this planet!!!

That is 40,000,000 (i.e. 40 million) DNA strands (needed to create 10,000,000 animal species) that scientists do not understand just for animals!!!

If the average animal DNA strand was 200,000,000 nucleotides long, that is 8,000,000,000,000,000 nucleotides!!!

Here is where it gets worse for evolution: this much DNA would have 48,000,000,000,000,000 permutations!!! You are probably laughing so hard you will have to pick yourself up off the floor. When you get back up keep reading.

Only an incomprehensibly small percent of these permutations would yield all of the animals which have been on this earth!!!

So where are the countless failures of unusable DNA strands created by nothing but invalid permutations?? There are none!!! Yes, occasionally there is a mutation to a DNA strand, but these are very rare compared to the massive, massive number of worthless DNA strands that evolution would create!!! And in science in general, accidents never make something more sophisticated!!!

Every cell that has DNA inside of it (some red blood cells kick their DNA out) takes very, very, very good care of its DNA!!! That is one of many reasons that cells are so sophisticated.

This mathematical proof that evolution is false assumes that there are no spirits to direct the morphing of the embryo and that a DNA sequence solely controls this morphing of the embryo (which is precisely what "evolution" would claim).

Which is bigger, the 4500 atoms in this Universe or the 48,000,000,000,000,000 permutations of nucleotides for all animal species which have or do exist on this planet!!! That is 4 to the eight quadrillion power!!!

We now have the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true:
PERMUTATIONS OF NUCLEOTIDES are the death of the theory of evolution!!!

And we did not even include insects and plants.

Other Comments

While the "permutations of nucleotides" issue is by far the number one reason the theory of evolution cannot be true, unfortunately most people do not have the mathematics background to fully understand this issue!!! My first college degree was in mathematics, so I fully understand this problem with the theory of evolution.

The permutation issue is so bad that "time" is irrelevant in solving the key problems with evolution. For example, if the atheists and evolutionsists claim that it took 100 trillion years for all of the DNA on this planet to "evolve" by accidents, this length of time would be ludicrous (i.e. way too small) to make such a claim!!!

The theory of evolution is nonsense both because of the physical construction of DNA and the permutations of nucleotides on DNA issue issue plus literally hundreds of other reasons!!! But the permutation of nucleotides issue is by far the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!

Combined with the permutation issues is the fact that DNA cannot be physically changed. DNA can only be damaged. The entire foundation of the theory of evolution (after the discovery of DNA) is that the DNA of one species can be physically changed and at the same time have new and improved permutations of nucleotides. This is nonsense.

The atheists and evolutionists have no argument against this issue because it is purely mathematical and is independent of the many physical reasons evolution cannot be true.