Permutations - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory of Evolution

The issue of permutations is probably the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true.

A "permutation" is a unique way to order a set of numbers, letters or anything else. For example, here are a few of the ways that the letters A, B, C and D can be ordered:
and so on.

If redundancy is allowed, then any element can be used more than once. For example, here are some of the permutations of A, B, C and D where redudancy is allowed:
and so on.

Note that "AADC" shows up twice in the list. It is common that the same permutation may show up on a list more than once if duplicates are allowed.

The sequence of nucleotides on a DNA strand is considered a "permutation of nucleotides." There are four types of nucleotides on a DNA strand, no matter how short or how long the DNA strand is: A, C, G, and T. For example, the sequence of nucleotides on a DNA strand may include the following sequence of nucleotides: AAGCTTATTAGAG...

There are many reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. Most of them have to do with the physical contruction of cells or DNA.

But while the issue of "permutations of nucleotides" is purely mathematical, IT IS A DEADLY REASON the theory of evolution cannot be true!! In fact, it is one the most deadly reasons evolution cannot be true and in fact it may be the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true!!

Due to the lack of any credibility of the theory of evolution, the atheists and evolutionists frequently use a tactic which they think can overcome the many problems with the theory of evolution. That tactic is to claim evolution took "billions of years" to create human DNA, etc.

However, the "billions of years" argument of the atheists/evolutionists is not a single drop of water in all of the oceans of the world compared to the permutation issue!!!

In fact, for the atheists and evolutionists, their billions of years arguments do not help the theory of evolution one iota because of the "permutation issue." So let's get started.

A "permutation," as just mentioned, is a unique way to order something. For example, two brothers, who are not twins, will have DNA which has many differences. The unique ordering of the nucleotides on the DNA for each brother is called a "permutation."

Each of the two unique permutations of DNA nucleotides, for these brothers, include sequences of nucleotides which controlled the cell divisions so that the two brothers would not look alike (unless they are identical twins and have the same sequence of nucleotides).

So the problems for evolutionists is not only creating a DNA strand, but creating a DNA strand with a viable permutation of nucleotides, meaning a viable ordering of nucleotides (most of which is probably equivalent to a computer program to create a living and functioning baby via cell divisions). It is quite possible that the vast majority of nucleotides (and thus much of any permutation) are the control cell divisions during the morphing of a baby.

The words "sequence" and "ordering" and the word "permutation" all mean exactly the same thing.

Think of DNA as the object code of a gigantic computer program which not only contains computer programs to control cell divisions (from a single fertilized egg to an old man or old woman), but also a massive amount of data on the DNA that the computer programs on the DNA need.

For example, if a new baby, somewhere on their DNA, had this ordering (i.e. permutation) of nucleotides of:
ACGTACGTACGTACGTACGT...(for the entire DNA strand)
the baby with this permutation of nucleotides would not survive because there is no intelligence or useful data in this ordering.

Looking At ALL DNA For All Living And Extinct Animals, Plants, Insects, Etc.

Let us suppose that you created a new DNA strand which included (end to end) the DNA for every one of the roughly ten million species of animals which have existed (meaning those which are now extinct) and currently exist on this planet, plus the DNA for all extinct and existing plants, insects, etc. In other words you "chained" them together end-to-end. For example, only three human DNA strands would be on this superstrand (i.e. the DNA of one male sperm cell, the DNA of one female sperm cell and the DNA of one female ovum) plus the DNA for all insects (male and female) and for all extinct animals (e.g. Dodo Bird), etc.

Remember from other articles that humans, and all other animals, have three DNA strands:
1) A DNA strand in the male sperm cells (to create a male baby),
2) A DNA strand in the female sperm cells (to create a female baby),
3) A DNA strand in the female ovum which is gender neutral.

Of course no DNA exists for long-extinct animals, so we will have to guess how long their three DNA strands were.

Thus, for each animal which has ever existed, we have exactly three DNA strands on this superstring of DNA.

Plus, to this composite DNA strand we would add the DNA for all of the plants and insects.

In short, this very long DNA strand would have three DNA strands for all animals (extinct and currently existing), it would have DNA strands for all plants, all insects and every other type of living thing (even single-celled entities).

No one knows how long this composite DNA strand woul be, so let us arbitrarily assume this new composite DNA strand had 1,000,000,000,000,000 nucleotides. That is one quadrillion nucleotides.

Remember, this composite DNA strand would include the three DNA strands for all animals, extinct and currently existing, plus all plants, extinct and currently existing, and all insects, extinct and existing, etc. that have ever lived on this planet.

How many different ways can you sequence 1,000,000,000,000,000 nucleotides uniquely??? The number of unique orderings (i.e. permutations) would be 41,000,000,000,000,000 different way to uniquely seqence this composite DNA strand!!!!!!!!

Most of these permutations, of course, would not generate a living anything, but many of them would.

This is simple permutation mathematics but I won't go into the details of the mathematics. Just remember the number: 41,000,000,000,000,000

How Big Is This Number??

Well, the number of estimated ATOMS IN OUR UNIVERSE is 1090!! I will estimate this to be about 4500 atoms!!!

OK, here is a tough quiz question: which number is larger: 41,000,000,000,000,000 permutations of nucleotides or 4500 atoms in this Universe?? Obviously the number of permutations would dwarf the number of atoms in this Universe!!!

And only an inconceivably low percent of these 41,000,000,000,000,000 permutations would create a single viable animal, must less the roughly ten million animals (30,000,000 unique DNA strands) which have lived, or do live, on this planet.

Here is my point, if "evolution" (i.e. pure mindless accidents) were to try to create the three DNA strands for all of the species which have lived on this planet (each set of three DNA strands must align with each other in terms of function), using nothing but the pure randomness of evolution, there would be massively, massively more failures (i.e. more defective DNA strands sitting on the ground, which could not create a viable living animal, plant or insect), on this puny little planet, than there are atoms in this Universe!!!!!

In other words, there are no where near enough atoms in our Universe to create all of the failures of evolution just on this planet!!


God Is Alive And Well

Sorry folks, there is a God and He is very, very smart!!! So where did God come from?? Ask a mouse, they would have just as much ability to understand the origin of God as we could.

Brigham Young said:

  • "Many have tried to penetrate to the First Cause of all things [i.e. the origin of God]; but it would be as easy for an ant to number the grains of sand on the earth. It is not for man, with his limited intelligence, to grasp eternity in his comprehension ... It would be as easy for a gnat to trace the history of man back to his origin as for man to fathom the First Cause of all things, lift the veil of eternity, and reveal the mysteries that have been sought after by philosophers from the beginning."
    Brigham Young, second president of the LDS church (October 9, 1859)
    Journal of Discourses, Volume 7, Page 284

The power of permutations (in mathematics) is probably the number one reason the theory of evolution cannot be true and that there must be a God!!! Permutations can very quickly zip past any number which represents the number of atoms in our physical Universe!!

Permutations also create a problem with time. In other words, defective permutations would SLOW DOWN the evolutionary process.

Ignoring the impossibility that accidents could physically create a human DNA strand, the probability of a single viable permutation of nucleotides, creating any viable DNA strand by a series of accidents, could not even remotely be done, by accident, within a centillion (i.e. 10303) years!!

But remember, the first male human and first female human had to have viable permutations at the same latitude and longitude, the same timeframe, etc. So the chance of the first male human and the first female human ever finding each other in order to have children is zero.

It should be obvious that the primary problem with the theory of evolution is the permutations of nucleotides issues.

While the "permutations of nucleotides" issue is by far the number one reason the theory of evolution cannot be true, unfortunately most people do not have the mathematics background to fully understand this issue!!! My first college degree was in mathematics, so I fully understand this problem with the theory of evolution.

The permutation issue is so bad that "time" is irrelevant in solving the key problems with evolution. The theory of evolution is nonsense both because of the physical construction of DNA and the permutations of nucleotides on DNA issue (for about 30,000 animal species which have both male and female DNA) plus literally hundreds of other reasons!!! But the permutation of nucleotides issue is by far the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true.

Combined with the permutation issues is the fact that DNA cannot be physically changed. DNA can only be damaged. The entire foundation of the theory of evolution (after the discovery of DNA) is that the DNA of one species can be physically changed and at the same time have new and improved permutations of nucleotides.

See the Home Page for links to other articles which discuss other problems with the theory of evolution, such as the problems with physically changing the DNA of one species (e.g. bonobo) into the DNA of another species (e.g. humans).

The truth is that evolution cannot do anything because it is nothing but accidents and it is only a concept to get converts to atheism!!! The major purpose of the theory of evolution is to convince people that there is no God and that everything in the Universe, that was not man-made, was made by a series of accidents. But there is zero science behind the theory of evolution being able to do anything because it is only a synonym for accidents and atheism!!

I will bet you have never heard a scientist say that accidents have created everything in the Universe, including the DNA for all species of plants, animals and insects on this planet. That is because no one would believe them if they described evolution in a truthful way!!!

Have you ever heard Richard Dawkins, the most famous atheist/evolutionist give a lecture explaining how the statistical problems of permutations can be overcome by nothing but accidents. No, and you never will.

The atheists and evolution are hiding all of the DNA-related mathematical problems which prove the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!

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