Pride Is The Driving Force Of The Theory Of Evolution

The reason the atheists and evolutionists believe the nonsense of the theory of evolution is pride. Many scientists want people (e.g. their students) to believe the nonsense that they are the most intelligent beings in the Universe, so they invent all kinds of stories to claim that everything in the Universe came to exist by pure chance. Doing this eliminates God as a being who is superior to them.

It is also common for the atheists to comment: "If there was a God, God would reveal Himself to us to prove He exists!!" But we are on this earth to be tested and if God revealed Himself to us (before our test is completed) it would interfere with our "free agency." In other words, it would destroy our test for God to show Himself to us.

God must be far more sophisticated than the things He has created. And God has created DNA. This alone proves the massive intelligence of God, but there are many, many other things that also prove the massive intelligence of God.

But the atheists are too proud to believe in God. God is the competition!! Without believing in God, the atheists and evolutionists must claim that human DNA, and the DNA for more than a million other species, were all created by pure accident!!

It is God or accidents, and they prefer accidents.

But it is now known that life is literally incomprehensible!!

Not only have scientists not been able to create life from non-life (and they have tried), they only understand about 2% of human DNA after studying it since 1953. In fact, almost every cell in your body has a DNA strand, which if uncoiled, would be seven feet long!!

Plus, at conception, the male DNA from the father and the female DNA from the mother must be able to align such that this couple can have both male and/or female human babies (depending on whether a male sperm cell or female sperm cell gets to the ovum first and how many eggs are in the mother).

This also applies to all species which have a male and female. Could the atheists and evolutionists create such sophisticated DNA? Absolutely Not!!

The problem with the atheists and evolutionists is NOT that they are stupid, the underlying reason the theory of evolution still exists is money and pride. Hundreds of atheists and evolutionists make money by writing and selling books which spread their lies and deceptions.

Using natural selection as "evidence" for the theory of evolution is only one of their major lies. Another major lie has to do with their invention of deceptive definitions. By using clever and deceptive definitions they can create "evidence" for evolution where there is no evidence. In other words, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, by using deceptive definitions they can create imaginary evidence for the theory of evolution.

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