What Computer Programming Can Teach Us About Evolution

Let us compare the claim that the DNA of an existing species can be randomly mutated into the DNA of a new and improved species to a claim that the object code of a computer program could be randomly changed into the object code of a new and improved computer program (which has new features) by using nothing but random number generators.

A random number generator would create nothing but a RANDOM SEQUENCE of '0's and '1's to simulate the claims of the evolutionists that DNA can be randomly changed into a new and improved DNA strand via evolution without any intelligence (i.e. without God).

When thinking about this remember that the DNA of a mouse is vastly more sophisticated than any computer program ever written.

For example, when writing or changing a computer program in C# there are three steps:

Step #1) Have a computer programmer, trained in C#, change existing "source code" or write new "source code." Source code is what the computer programmer understands,

Step #2) "Compile" the source code into object code. The "compiler" is a computer program which converts the source code (that humans understand) into object code (i.e. also called "binary code") that computers understand,

Step #3) The "object/binary code," created by the compiler, is executed by the computer operating system.


Writing Computers Using "Evolution"

Now suppose that a new computer programmer is hired who believes in the theory of evolution. This would be his or her approach to changing the program to make changes and additions to the program:

Step #1) Make changes to existing programs (to improve the program) and write every new and improved computer program using a random number generator (meaning randomly delete, change and add bits) to the object code of the original program,

Step #2) Hope that the new object code of the program has all of the desired changes and all of the new features.

No computer programmer on this planet (even if they believed the theory of evolution) would choose these techniques!! It would be a waste of time and would totally destroy the old program and the new program would not have any new features that worked!!!

Yet the method of the new computer programmer is precisely the way that evolution must work!!! There is no "source code" for DNA, there is only "object code" on the DNA. Evolution can only RANDOMLY change the DNA via random mutations!! Doing this will damage the good parts of the DNA strand and will not yield any improvements.

Yet the atheists and evolutionists claim that the DNA of a perfectly good species can be randomly mutated (by evolution) and the random mutations will create a new and improved species EVERY TIME!!!

This chapter, from one of the free eBooks, graphically demonstrates the results of the pure randomness of evolution (study all of the bar charts):
Book: Patterns of Intelligence - Chapter 18 - (Study All Bar Charts Including the Last One!!)

Now perhaps you can see why random number generators can never be used to write computer programs!!!

DNA is vastly more sophisticated than any computer program ever written by any team of human beings (even though DNA is mostly a database)!!! And "evolution":
1) Doesn't know where the sections of DNA are that should NOT be changed
2) Nor does it know where the section are that need to be changed (including deletions, changes and additions)
3) And evolution doesn't know what changes need to be made (including deletions, changes and new sections)
4) Nor can imaginary evolution physically make any changes (much less intelligent changes) to a DNA strand!!!

See this article to learn about what "evolution" can and cannot do:
Article: What Does The Word "Evolution" Really Mean???

With the discovery of DNA the evolution debate should have left the domain of biologists and been put under the domain of statisticians looking at DNA. But that will never happen because there are many atheists who need the theory of evolution to sell their books and get new converts to atheism!!

In addition to things on this earth, scientists also cannot create a single sun from scratch. And is it logical to think that our sun and all of the stars (e.g. the supergiant star VY Canis Majoris), galaxies, superclusters of galaxies, etc. in the Universe came to exist by an accidental explosion called the Big Bang?

While both sides of the evolution debate support the Big Bang because of the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, one side believes that the object that "exploded" was created by the accidents of evolution and that the explosion itself was an accident.

I don't think that the object that exploded (which had to contain the matter to create every atom in the Universe), was created by accidents!!!

It is absurd to claim that accidents created all DNA, all cells, all stars, all galaxies, etc. But these claims will never go away because the atheists and evolutionists will always be looking for converts. But the truth is that the claims of the atheists are complete scientific nonsense.

The prophets, past and present, are absolutely correct: God is the source of all DNA, cells, galaxies, etc.

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