The Spirit World - Where We Go After Death

Every human being, including you, has both a physical body and a spirit body. As is mentioned in the Sixteen Cells article, every human being has a spirit. When a person dies (i.e. when their physical body dies), their spirit does not die, it continues to live until the resurrection when the person again has a physical body. But after the resurrection the person will have an eternal body that neve dies!!!

When a person dies their physical body goes into the grave awaiting the resurrection. The spirit keeps right on living as if nothing happened at death!!!

The spirit world is on this planet, though spirits can leave this planet in a limited way. What a person does in the physical world or the spirit world both count where a person will end up after the Second ComingJudgment Day)!!! In other words, what determines when a person is resurrected is based on their behavior both in mortality and in the spirit world!!!

I want to emphasize this point: members of the LDS church typically think of the phrase "endure to the end" as meaning that they keep the commandments, as best they can, until they die. This is NOT correct!!! We must endure to the end (i.e. keep the commandments as best we can) until the Second Coming of Christ, which is also called: Judgment Day!!!! The difference is that we must keep the commandments as best we can both in mortality (when we have a physical body) and in the spirit world!!!

So what people do in the Spirit World can have an effect on where they spend eternity after Judgment Day!!!

In short: we must endure to the Second Coming which is more correct than enduring until a person dies!!!

A person cannot commit the unpardonable sin (i.e. to become a son of perdition) in the spirit world based on what I have read. And spirits cannot commit murder in the spirit world because spirits cannot die. This means the worst sin that can be committed in the spirit world is the spirit world version of adultery (i.e. an unmarried couple in the spirit world does the same things that married couples do in the sprit world - whatever that is (and I do not know because spirits are not "built" like physical bodies).

We know that people can go up one or two kingdoms while in the spirit world or else why would there be so much missionary work going on in the spirit world??!!! Many people died without ever talking to a Mormon, much less a Mormon missionary!!!

So it would seem fair to me that people could go up or down in kingdoms while in the spirit world, but that is just my interpretation, I could be wrong.

So in my opinion those who only live a telestial law while in the spirit world (regardless of what they did in the physical world), will not be resurrected at the Second Coming and they will go to the Millennium planet for 1,000 years and after the Millennium they will go to the Telestial Kingdom planet. Whether these are the same planet I do not know, but the same people go from the Millennium planet to the Telestial planet.

After the millennium is over, these people will be resurrected and they will live on the Telestial Planet/Kingdom forever. So make a mental note that it may be possible that a person can live a Celestial or Terrestrial life in mortality and then completely fall apart (spiritually) in the spirit world and they may end up on the Telestial Kingdom instead of the Celestial Kingdom!!!

But I have never seen in writing or heard in a talk that I am right, so take it for what it is worth.

My warning is that the spirit world may be a testing ground just like mortality and a person can lose their place in the Celestial Kingdom FOREVER solely because of their behavior in the spirit world!!!

Let me make one more comment. Members of the LDS church who are forth or fifth generation Latter-Day Saints have a GIGANTIC advantage to not commit adultery in the spirit world if they live with the "family" (i.e. parents, grandparents, etc.) in the spirit world!!!

But converts to the church, such as from a foreign country where the church is very weak (e.g. Sweden) are at a tremendous disadvantage in the spirit world because if they live with their parents, grandparents, etc. in Sweden (this is an example) in the spirit world they would be far, fer, far more likely to commit adultery in the spirit world while waiting for their spouse to die!!!

I doubt that God takes that into account on Judgment day - adultery is adultery!!!

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After The Second Coming And After (When Spirits Are Resurrected

Let me make a note about the spirit world, where everyone will go when they die, awaiting the Second Coming. No one knows when the Second Coming will be, but many things have to happen before the Second Coming so it will likely not happen for another 100 years (based on prophesies which have not been fully fulfilled yet). But that is just my opinion based on what must happen before the Second Coming.


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