How About Teaching Good Science In Schools!!!!

The evolution debate post 1953 (when DNA was discovered) is not about science, it is about God. If you assume God does not exist, or if you believe God does not exist, you will likely believe in the theory of evolution no matter how absurd it is. And you will use your vivid imagination to fill in the gaps where the theory of evolution has massive problems.

The theory of evolution progresses in popularity because of atheists!!!!

Unfortunately, many people who believed in God have been tricked into believing in evolution. In fact, that is the precise purpose of the highly sophisticated deceptions of the atheists and evolutionists (and I have only talked about a few of their deceptions on this home page) and why it is taught in most schools, but not all schools.

In some private schools, owned by a religious group, "creation science" or "intelligent design" is taught and in other schools there are disclaimers about evolution.


Here is an interesting idea that judges and school administrators should consider: HOW ABOUT TEACHING SCIENTIFIC FACTS INSTEAD OF TEACHING SCIENCE FICTION (I.E. THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION)!!!!!! Wow, what a novel idea - who would have thought about teaching good science instead of scientific fantasies in the classrooms to please the atheists??

Don't people who believe in God get to "vote"???

As I mentioned above: the term "evolution" is a fantasy and doesn't even exist in any tangible form!!!! The atheists and evolutionists are stuck with the words "mindless accidents"!!

Teaching creation science is NOT teaching religion because everything that is taught is easily proven mathematically and scientifically!!! It is the atheists and evolutionists who are teaching religion and science fiction because there is no scientific basis for atheism or evolution!!!

I doubt that anyone in any school has ever thought about these things!!! Let me repeat what I said above:

Here is an interesting idea that judges and school administrators should consider: HOW ABOUT TEACHING SCIENTIFIC FACTS INSTEAD OF TEACHING SCIENCE FICTION (I.E. THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION)!!!!!! Wow, what a novel idea - who would have thought about teaching good science instead of scientific fantasies in the classrooms??

Has any federal or state Supreme Court judge outlawed the teaching of very good science??? Well, yes!!! More often than not!!! Atheism (i.e. the theory of evolution) is the official religion of most state and federal judges in the United States!!!

The word "God" does not appear in the Constitution but this is from Article [I] in the Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Well, the word "religion" implies there is a God in Heaven!!! So for any judge to claim that God cannot be mentioned in school needs to study the Constitution!!!

"Creation Science" is NOT a religion!!!!!! It is pure science and the conclusion of this solid science is that God is alive and well!!! There is NOTHING in the Constitution to prevent talking about God!!!

I have some very, very, very, very, very bad news for some judges: the very person you persecute and claim does not exist IS THE VERY PERSON WHO WILL DETERMINE WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY!!!!

I should repeat that about a million more times until they get it through their thick, arrogant heads!!!

Would they bet their automobile that they can prove that it is possible that the four DNA strands needed to create each of the 10 million animal species (that is 40 million highly sophisticated DNA strands which no human can comprehend) could have all formed by pure accidents without any significant evidence of failures!!!!???

Well, actually, if evolution were true, there would have been bones for more than 500 million extinct species/fossils, 490 million of which would have gone extinct in the process of trying to create the necessary DNA and cells and set of cell types/locations for each of the 10 million species we know about!!! Remember, "evolution" is imaginary and brain dead and it creates 100% failures!!!

Some day I hope to finish my article on this topic.

In other words, there would be many millions of failures in creating the 10 million viable species because "evolution" didn't get it right the first time and instead created defective species (i.e. defective DNA strands and/or defective cells and/or inadequate cell types in the correct locations) and thus most attempts to create a new species failed to create a new species!!! So these defective animals, which did not survive "evolution", are not counted, but they should be counted.

Well, the truth is that they don't exist because God doesn't make mistakes!!!

Remember, in the real world there is no evidence of any failures in creating the 10 million animal species!!!

But no one cares about truth, all they care about is popularity and perpetuating atheism/evolution!!!

Biology is no longer about science, it is about creative thinking as to how every discovery in science can be attributed to the theory of evolution (i.e. "without God") in order to get more converts to atheism. Atheists are not interested in truth, they are only interested in getting converts to atheism.

And I can guarantee you that pride is the foundation of "modern science"!!!

One of the key deceptions of the atheists and evolutionists, to get converts, is their definition of the term "species." They define the term "species" in such a way that each "variety" of dog is a different "species." To them a Chihuahua and a Great Dane are different "species." This gives them the latitude to claim that they have observed a new "species" form by evolution and that evolution is therefore true!!!

But if the term "unique species" is defined to be "an animal species with a unique DNA structure" (as it should be) then they have never seen a new "species" be created!!!! Nor will they ever see a new species be created by accidents or by the human breeding of animals.

Their bogus claims amount to deceiving students by using clever definitions!!!

If someone assumed that humans were the smartest animal on this planet, which we are, then certainly no other species (e.g. bonobos) could ever have had the intelligence to design new DNA for a new species because humans cannot do it!!! In other words, if humans are not smart enough to design DNA, then bonobos are not smart enough to design DNA!!!!! And, believe it or not, accidents are dumber than bonobos!!! Bonobos would be proud of that!!!

And if we evolved from bonobos, why is there such a gigantic, gigantic difference in our intelligences!!!!! Could the brainless accidents of evolution convert a really stupid animal into human beings with our intelligence??? Not even humans can do that!!!!

In fact, scientists themselves cannot create a new species if a person uses the correct definition of "species" (i.e. a "species" is each group of animals which have identical DNA structures, including the same functions in the same places).

So I guess that "evolution" is the smartest thing on this planet because:
1) humans cannot design new DNA for a single new species, but
2) the atheists and evolutionist claim that accidents/evolution have designed and created four new DNA strands for ten million animal species (meaning 40 million new DNA strands)!!!

So that makes mindless accidents massively smarter than humans!!! This may be one reason why atheists and evolutionists don't like to talk about DNA, they like to tell stories and use deceptions, such as by using very clever drawings and deceptive definitions.

Seven chapters in one of the free eBooks on this website are devoted to deceptive definitions!!! In this article read the seven chapters (i.e. chapter 10-16) about "Deception Through Teminology":
Chapters In the "Pattern Of Intelligence" Book (see Chapters 10-16)

All levels of judges and all levels of politicians and all levels of school administrators will ultimately be judged BY THE VERY PERSON that their policies forbid talking about in school. I can tell you who is going to win in the long run - the very same God that they claim doesn't exist!!!!!!!!!!

These people will spend eternity exactly where the person they claim doesn't exist tells them to spend eternity (after Judgment Day)!!

It is important to understand that I am not talking about the government endorsing the God of any specific religion (unless the religion owns the school), I am talking about endorsing a generic God, meaning a God who is not connected to any specific religion!!! I agree that in public schools no specific religion should be endorsed but they can certainly talk about a generic God. The term "God" does not belong to any specific religion!!!

Good science proves, beyond any doubt, that there is a super-intelligent God who can sequence the DNA and create the cells for 10 million animal species!!!

Judges should be smart enough to know the difference between a "generic God" versus the God of any specific religion. There is no reason that "scientific facts that prove a generic God exists" should not be taught in school because the theory of evolution is scientific nonsense!!! So kicking God out of all public schools guarantees that incredibly bad science (i.e. evolution which is a precursor to atheism) is taught in the school!!!

Schools are supposed to make students SMARTER not DUMBER!!! But that is exactly what schools do today.

And schools should be allowed to describe the differences in beliefs of the major religions in the city the school resides in.

Judgment Day is not about how popular a person is with their peers or students, it is about KNOWING AND LIVING THE TRUTH after a person has done everything they can do to find the truth (totally independent of popularity)!!!


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