Twenty-Five Reasons Why The Theory Of Evolution Cannot Be True

Before I get into the 25 reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true, it is best to start out with some "Big Picture" comments to lay the foundation of the 25 reasons.

"Evolution" is not a force in nature like gravity or sunlight. Evolution has no brain and evolution has no eyes or ears. Evolution is nothing but the claim of the atheists and evolutionists that there is no God and therefore it is the claim that everything in the Universe, including the Universe itself, came to exist purely by a series of accidents!!

The "theory of evolution" should really be called the "theory of accidents."

The issues in the theory of evolution debate always pit the existence of God versus the atheist claim that everything in the Universe came to exist by accidents with the goal of the atheists/evolutionists to convince people that God does not exist.

However, you will NEVER hear an atheist talk about "accidents." They will weave a story to make it appear like "evolution" has a brain, that "evolution" is just as smart as God and that "evolution" has the ability to create DNA, sequence DNA, create a Universe, etc. etc. And they make all of these claims without ever using the term "accidents!!"

One interesting thing about the theory of evolution is that the Book of Mormon, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or Mormon church), predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution about 29 years before Darwin's first book was published!!! In fact, the Book of Mormon predicted the theory of evolution was coming in three different places!!! See this article:
Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Charles Darwin

Note that in one of these sections the phrase "like unto the son of perdition" was used. This cannot be a good thing!!! It was mentioned in the article that Richard Dawkins was the poster child of those who appear to be headed for this punishment. However, he is only one among hundreds who seem to be running down the path to receive this punishment from God. God will not be mocked!!!!

I should also note that the Book of Mormon was published more than 110 years before Richard Dawkins was even born!!!

These versus should give you an even stronger feeling for how much God loves His children and that God does not appreciate people who lead His children astray!!

Trust me Richard Dawkins: God always wins!!

But we do not know if the "like unto the son of perdition" is its own category or if it is a subcategory of the Telestial Kingdom.

But in spite of the devious intentions of the atheists, the good news is that most people believe that there is a God and that God designed and created the Universe, including the earth and all things on the earth, such as the DNA for all species of plants and animals. The problem is that many people cannot convert that belief into a flat rejection of the theory of evolution. And it is more difficult for youth to do this.

Another key preliminary concept in the evolution debate is the concept of "natural selection." Natural selection is the claim that the "stronger species will survive." In other words, natural selection is the claim that a strong species can eliminate a weaker species. While this is certainly true, the elimination of a species, via natural selection, has nothing to do with the creation of a new species, meaning it has nothing to do with evolution!!!

In other words, the atheists and evolutionists frequently talk about "natural selection" as if it is a key part of evolution, meaning the creation of new species. But "natural selection" does not create DNA, it does not create cells, etc. The only thing "natural selection" does is eliminate species which already exist!!!

In fact, natural selection and the creation of new species work against each other!!! Natural selection is trying to eliminate weak species whereas the evolutionists claim that new species are created by accidents. Natural selection would easily win this battle because natural selection is true but evolution/accidents can never create or sequence the DNA for a new species with new DNA!!!

So while "natural selection" is true, it has nothing to do with creating a new species so it is irrelevant to the evoultion debate!!

However, God created a lot of species so natural selection has a lot of things to do.

Twenty-Five Reasons Evolution Cannot Be True

As you read the reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true, you are essentially reading 25 reasons that God must exist. Many things could not have come to exist without God. In other words, these are things that "accidents" could not have created. We exist because of God or accidents. God wins as you will see below.

So here is the list.

1) Astronomy - The Big Bang

There was a Big Bang, both sides of the evolution debate agree on that, but the Big Bang was created by God. In other words, God existed before the Big Bang!!! Why is that so hard to believe?

While both sides of the evolution debate accept the Big Bang theory, the atheists and evolutionists must come up with some "accident" to explain it. Over time, they have come up with many different theories as to what exploded and how it exploded. The size of the object that exploded just got smaller and smaller. The last I heard the atheists claimed that NOTHING AT ALL EXPLODED and that this explosion created our Universe!! I don't think so.

This what President Young said about where God came from:

  • Many have tried to penetrate to the First Cause of all things; but it would be as easy for an ant to number the grains of sand on the earth. It is not for man, with his limited intelligence, to grasp eternity in his comprehension ... It would be as easy for a gnat to trace the history of man back to his origin as for man to fathom the First Cause of all things, lift the veil of eternity, and reveal the mysteries that have been sought after by philosophers from the beginning.
    Brigham Young

Ponder for a moment how long it would take a single ant to count the grains of sand on the ocean shores, plus the deserts, and in many other places on this earth!! There are FIVE MILLION SQUARE MILES OF SAND on both the North Pole and the South Pole. An ant would be very busy for a very long time!!!

2) Astronomy - The Stars and Galaxies

Astronomers believe there are between 100 billion and 200 billion GALAXIES in the Universe. Our sun is just one of the stars in our Galaxy and our sun is a million times larger than our earth.

The star Betelgeuse has a radius 950-1,200 times the size of our Sun. But the star VY Canis Majoris, a red hypergiant star in the Canis Major constellation, is thought to be 1,540 times the size of our Sun. If VY Canis Majoris replaced our Sun its size would extend beyond the orbit of Saturn and our planet would be inside the sun!!!

See this amazing YouTube video on the size of VY Canis Majoris:
Video Compares Earth To The Massive Star: VY Canis Majoris

That YouTube video was very good, NOW WATCH THE REALLY GOOD YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THE UNIVERSE!!!!! (About 7 Minutes)
Video Compares Earth To THE UNIVERSE

The galaxy we live in, called the Milky Way Galaxy, has up to 400 billion stars. The Milky Way Galaxy is in the Laniakea Supercluster of galaxies. In other words, there are many galaxies.

As telescopes in space get bigger and bigger more and more stars and more and more galaxies will be discovered. Can you imagine what a telescope, with the light-gathering power of the width of our earth, would find!!??

3) Astronomy - Gravity

Gravity makes no logical sense!! As one example, why would our sun and our earth be attracted to each other?? Yet everyone knows that gravity exists!!

Actually, the reason gravity exists is "ether" or "aether," which fills the Universe and was supported by Nichola Tesla. Basically ether "pushes heavenly bodies towards each other," but centrifical force keeps the heavenly bodies from crashing into each other. So there must be a delicate balance between the pressure of ether and gravity!!! Only God could pull that one off!!

But the more important point is that if ether exists then the "free energy" techniques of Tesla would be verified. Due to a lust for money (to prevent free energy) and status, and perhaps to protect the status of Einstein, the scientific establishment has flatly rejected ether in spite of the fact that it can be easily be detected. Sometimes (actually frequently) "science" is more interested in status than in truth!!

In fact, many years ago I did an experiment at Sprint which proved that ether existed. I notified five physics journals that we had detected ether and all five journals told me not to even submit the article!! They were not interested in truth, they were interested in protecting Einstein's status from the real super genius - Nichola Tesla.

Another example is the Nobel Prize of Peter W. Higgs and one other person. The Nobel Prize was given for the discovery of the "Higgs Boson." Well, the Higgs Boson is nothing more than Tesla's "ether" or "aether." But Tesla is blacklisted because he could create free energy.

You would be amazed at how many times "scientists," as they call themselves, have demonstrated a complete hatred of truth, for a variety of reasons. In fact, many biologists are no better as they try to shove the theory of evolution down the throats of their students. A love of truth?? Where did it go??

4) The Physical Constants

There are more than 300 "physical constants" in physics. Some require unbelievable accuracy, such as the Gravitational Constant. Our Universe could not exist without some of the key physical constants.

Consider this section from a major website on creation science:

  • "Consider gravity, for example. The force of gravity is determined by the gravitational constant. If this constant varied by just one in 1060 parts, none of us would exist. To understand how exceedingly narrow this life-permitting range is, imagine a dial divided into 1060 increments. To get a handle on how many tiny points on the dial this is, compare it to the number of cells in your body (1014) or the number of seconds that have ticked by since time began (1020). If the gravitational constant had been out of tune by just one of these infinitesimally small increments, the universe would either have expanded and thinned out so rapidly that no stars could form and life couldn't exist, or it would have collapsed back on itself with the same result: no stars, no planets, no life.

    Or consider the expansion rate of the universe. This is driven by the cosmological constant. A change in its value by a mere 1 part in 10120 parts would cause the universe to expand too rapidly or too slowly. In either case, the universe would, again, be life-prohibiting.

    Or, another example of fine-tuning: If the mass and energy of the early universe were not evenly distributed to an incomprehensible precision of 1 part in 10123, the universe would be hostile to life of any kind.

    The fact is our universe permits physical, interactive life only because these, and many other numbers, have been independently and exquisitely balanced on a razor's edge."

OK, what have the atheists come up with to claim that the physical constants were created by accidents? They came up with the "Multiverse" theory. The theory is that an infinite number of Big Bang's have happened, each with a randomly generated set of physical constants. Our Universe just happened to have the correct combination of physical constants so that our planet (i.e. our Universe) could have life on it!!

This is standard operating procedure for the atheists. They always have to figure out how "accidents" could do something. If there are an infinite number of Universes, every one of them was made by God and every one of them has the correct physical constants and every one of them has life on them.

It is extremely efficient to create a Universe by creating a massively small and dense object and then exploding this object. Cool, huh!!

5) DNA - Construction - DNA cannot be created in nature - it is impossible. In fact, all of the scientists on this planet, in a thousand years, could not create a single new DNA strand, and sequence the nucleotides, from scratch, which can bring back to life an extinct species, such as the Woolley Mammoth!!

Of course, the scientists would also have to create very, very sophisticated cells necessary for that to happen. And the DNA must be inside of the very, very sophisticated cells. Good luck, I won't be holding my breath.

6) DNA - Sophistication!! - For example, the human DNA strand, which is inside the fertilized egg of a new human mother, contains 3.2 billion nucleotides (A, C, G, or T) , which is a computer program that is so sophisticated that a single cell, with a single DNA strand (the DNA strand is seven feet long but it is coiled up to fit inside of a cell that cannot be seen with the naked eye), namely the fertilized egg inside of a mother-to-be, has the intelligence on the DNA to create an entire human baby, via 30 billion cell divisions, who has 30 billion cells and 60,000 miles of blood vessels, etc.

The 60,000 miles of blood vessels in this newborn baby would wrap around the earth at the equator twice, with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over!!

When the baby is born he or she will have an incredible brain which is connected to a massive nervous system, a skull to protect the brain, a spine to protect the spinal cord (the spinal cord is a cylindrical bundle of nerve fibers), two eyes which are connected to the nervous system, a beating heart, a liver, a pancreas, 300 bones (which eventually fuse into 206 bones), etc. etc.!!

The DNA in one of the sperm cells of the father of the baby contributes part of the DNA for the new baby and the DNA in the mother's ovum (egg) contributes part of the DNA for the new baby. Thus, the DNA strands from the mother and father must align with each other!!!

Human DNA is the most sophisticated "computer program" on this planet. Yet no, and I repeat - no, massively sophisticated human-designed computer program on this planet has ever been created by accidents (i.e. by nothing but random number generators)!! If evolution were true, and millions of highly sophisticated computer programs (i.e. the DNA for about a million species) could be written by accidents (i.e. by evolution) we would not need computer programmers, all we would need would be random number generators!!

But computer programers have no need to fear that they will be replace by random number generators!!!

7) DNA - Cannot Be Changed (i.e. Modified)

This is probably the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true, but logically it fits on the list here.

Once DNA Is created - it CANNOT be changed/modified, it can only be damaged!!! This is critical to understand!!!

The ENTIRE FOUNDATION of the theory of evolution is that one species can "evolve" into a more powerful and sophisticated species. But this would require the ability of DNA to be changed so that new DNA can be created from old DNA!!!!! Every species is "created" by cell divisions which are controlled by the "computer programs" on DNA.

While DNA can be damaged, it cannot be put back together after it is damaged. In other words, DNA cannot be changed because when DNA is damaged it cannot be repaired/changed, certainly not while it is inside of a cell!!

For example, if you break the "rail" on a DNA strand (in the process of cutting out a section of DNA to be moved somewhere else on the DNA strand), NOTHING can fix that rail and rejoin the DNA strand back together!!

As if that weren't bad enough, even if the rail was fixed, THE BIND, WHERE THE TWO HALVES OF DNA ARE CONNECTED would not be strong enough for the DNA strand to fold many times in order for it to fit inside of a cell.

So it is much more than just connecting the two halves together, it must be a VERY STONG BIND!!!

To make matters much worse, to create a new DNA strand for a new species, from the old DNA of an existing species, would require many thousands of changes to a DNA strand!!!

There would be algorithms which need to be changed, sections which need to be deleted, and new sections which need to be added, etc.

Literally, the the entire foundation of the theory of evolution (that new species and new DNA can "evolve" from the old DNA of existing species) IS SCIENTIFIC NONSENSE!!!!!


This is particularly important when extending the length of a DNA strand (to create a new and improved species). The length of DNA cannot be increased or decreased because of the rail issue!!!

In short, evolution CANNOT create a new species by modifying the DNA of an existing species!!

8) DNA - Permutations

The number of ways to uniquely order the nucleotides on human DNA (i.e. the number of unique ?permutations of nucleotides?) is a 4 raised to the power of 3.2 BILLION permutations. This is 43,200,000,000. The number is unimaginable and dwarfs the number of atoms in a trillion trillion trillion trillion Universes like ours.

But it takes three DNA strands to create an animal, such as humans. One DNA strand in each male sperm cell, one DNA strand in each female sperm cell, and one gender-neutral DNA strand in the ovum of the mother. Each of these three DNA strands, for every animal, must align with each other!!!

And if we look at the DNA for all plants, animals and insects, the cumulative DNA would be more than one quadrillion nucleotides!! Thus, the real number of permutations is 4 raised to the power of 1 QUADRILLION (41,000,000,000,000,000) and would include both two male DNA stands and one female DNA strand where applicable.

Such a minescule percent of these permutations would create a million viable plants, animals and insects that the theory of evolution is ridiculous.

9) DNA - Lack Of Evidence Of The Failures Of Evolution

If evolution were true, the vast, vast (the word "vast" should be repeated a million times) majority of the random permutations to create a new species would FAIL to create a viable human being or any other animal or even any plant.

If "evolution" attempted to create a new species from an old species, by changing the DNA of the old species, the entire Universe would be full of dead and deformed DNA strands which were not quite right to create a new species!! Yet there is virtually zero evidence of any failures of DNA to create a new species!! That is because God, not accidents, designed and created all DNA!!

Literally, the entire Universe would be full, billions of times over, with dead corpses of animals whose DNA was not quite right to survive if evolution were true.

10) DNA - Kehr's Paradox #1 and #2

Kehr's Paradox #1: If the sequence of nucleotides on DNA were randomly chosen (e.g. via evolution), the nucleotides (e.g. created by random mutations) on a DNA strand out be about 25% 'A' nucleotides, 25% 'C' nucleotides, 25% 'G' nucleotides and 25% T nucleotides.

But histograms of real human DNA, for example, do not even remotely fit that pattern.

DNA - Kehr's Paradox #2: If the sequence of nucleotides on DNA were randomly chosen (e.g. via evolution), the nucleotides (e.g. created by random mutations) would always be about 25% correct nucleotides and 75% incorrect nucleotides.

Evolution/accidents cannot overcome these paradoxes because they are mathematical facts.

11) Cells

All of the scientists in the world could not create a cell for DNA to reside inside!! Hundreds of scientists have PhD degrees in Cell Biology or Biochemistry, so why would anyone claim that cells were created by accident?

As one example, if the cell needs a specific enzyme then the cell will use a pattern on the DNA called a "gene," to create the enzyme. But scientists would not have a clue where each gene begins except that the DNA provides ways to find where genes begin (e.g. "promoters"). But even that is not the full answer because DNA is coiled up so tightly that every cell has a DNA strand that is seven feet long!! This coiling of DNA makes finding a gene that much harder.

Here is a quote by Michael Denton about cells:

  • "We now know that there are in fact tens of thousands of irreducibly complex systems on the cellular level. Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world. Molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote, "Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world."

An "irreducibly complex system," is by definition, a sequence of complex chemical reactions, such that if any one of the chemical reactions was not there, or failed, the end result of the chemical reaction will fail and the entire cell may be at risk!!!

I would assume that most of these chemical reactions are used to create ATP molecules in the cell. ATP is a key molecule inside every cell. In fact, when something blocks ATP energy, and the cell has low ATP energy, the cell is DEFINED to be cancerous!!

Michael Denton did not say there was one such sequence of chemical chain reactions in cells, but "tens of thousands" of such systems!!!

This is significant because it is one of the many reasons that "evolution" cannot create a cell from scratch!! In other words, all of the chemical chain reactions must be functional at the time the cell is first created because if one or more systems of chemical chain reactions is not there from the beginning, the new cell may not survive!!! Accidents could never create a living cell by accidents!!

In other words, an irreducibly complex chemical chain reaction cannot "evolve" into existence by adding one chemical reaction at a time because each and every chemical chain reaction must be fully functional before the chemical reaction can achieve any benefit to the cell!!"

12) DNA Design - Protection of Key Body Parts

The morphing of the embryo algorithms on human DNA must include items to protect the human being, such as the skull to protect the brain, the spinal cord to protect the spine, etc. In other words, human anatomy comes from the sequences on DNA.

"Accidents" (i.e. evolution) could not care less if the species survived because accidents cannot think. Thus, if DNA was created by evolution there would be no skull to protect the brain, etc.

13) DNA Design - Bloodstream, etc.

Also from the DNA morphing of the embryo algorithms must come the 60,000 miles of blood vessels in a new baby, etc. These blood vessels in the new baby would wrap around the earth - twice - with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over as mentioned above.

14) DNA - Other Animals

Many similar issues for other species with male/female such as camels, horses, etc. More on this in a moment.

15) DNA - Visual Form (i.e. What An Animal Looks Like)

Atheists always use the VISUAL FORM of an animal to explain how new species of animals are created from old species. But it is NOT the visual form of an animal that creates a new species, it can only be new DNA!! For example, they may show two different animals which have similar features.

But the features of ALL animals comes exclusively from their DNA. The atheists must explain where NEW DNA comes from for each species and they cannot do that!!!

However, it should be noted that the "dog" species has many different varieties. Do these varieties come from different DNA structures? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

DNA provides very rich variety for every species. Human are a good example. What if every man looked identical and every woman looked identical? What a disaster that would be!!

16) What is Life?

All living things are just that - they are alive!!! Have scientists ever been able to create "life." No. They never will because "life" comes from a spirit and only God can create a spirit. Humans cannot even see spirits, much less make them. But we would not exist if we did not have a spirit!!

Scientists cannot even create a living bacteria from raw elements on the Periodic Table. Even a bacteria needs some type of DNA. Bacteria have circular DNA called plasmid.

But even bacteria are alive.

17) Adam and Eve (First Humans)

Adam and Eve must have been created in same timeframe so they could mate. They also had to be created in the same latitude / longitude so they could find each other and mate. Their DNA must align. Alignment of male DNA and female DNA, in order to create DNA for their offspring, must be razor sharp and is impossible to happen by chance.

How could the DNA that creates a male (which is essentially a computer program which no human can comprehend) and the DNA that creates a female (which is essentially a computer program which no human can comprehend) align with each other (even at the level of genes) if each had been created by chance!! Who could create two sophisticated computers programs and create a new computer program (which has features of both original programs) by aligning the two existing computer programs?

Finally, as was mentioned above, DNA cannot be changed. So the real Adam and Eve (first humans) could not have been created by modifying the DNA of a bonogo or chimpanzee.

18) Non-Human Adam and Eve

This refers to species, other than humans, which have both a male and female.

How could the first pair of non-human animals of EVERY species which has both a male and female (e.g. camels) find each other? They had to be created in same timeframe so they could mate, in the same latitude / longitude so they can mate, etc.

The alignment of male DNA and female DNA, in order to create DNA for their offspring, must be razor sharp for every human and non-human species.

And three different DNA strands (two for the male and one for the female) must align with each other for every species with a male and female.

19) Unique Species

Some species are so unique they could not have "evolved" from any other species!! These species would need very unique DNA which could not have "evolved" from the DNA of a prior species. See this website for examples:
Website: Animals That Prove Creation

20) The Sixteen Cells Paradox

Cells in living beings, such as humans, must "bind" to each other as the baby is morphing from a single fertilized egg to a baby. On top of that, the order in which these cells are created is beyond human comprehension. But it is far, far worse that that. This "The Sixteen Cells Paradox" article is mind-boggling:
Article: The 16 Cells Paradox

21) The "First Living Cell"

The first living cell, by definition, had to be created from sterile water, sand and rocks if evolution were true. But organic molecules are usually composed of carbon atoms in rings or long chains, to which are attached other atoms of such elements as hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.
Article: Is The "First Living Cell" Theory Credible? No!!

22) Cell Divisions

Most cells must be able to divide to create two cells. Cell division processes (to create a new cell) are VERY complex!! For example, how are the organelles copied? There are hundreds of reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true just from cell biology issues.

23) Cell Biology - Finding a Gene On a Cell

When a cell needs an enzyme from a gene, how does it FIND the gene? For example, suppose a gene begins at nucleotide 985,125,993 and the gene has 2,769 nucleotides. How does the cell find WHERE the gene begins and WHERE it ends? While scientists may think they know the answers, and they may, scientists have no clue how this process could have been created by accidents!!! There are many, many things about cells that are "irreducibly complex," meaning entire systems must exist from "Day One" or the system won't work. In other words, these systems could not have evolved piecemeal.

24) Cells - Building A Complex System

Our liver is made of cells. Our pancreas is made of cells. Our heart and brain are made of cells. Etc. How in the world do these sophisticated organs get created by cells attaching to each other? The sophistication of massive groups of cells (e.g. to make a liver or brain) is far too sophisticated to have occurred by chance.

25) Our Earth And Moon

Our Earth must be compatible for life, such as having the right mixtures of oxygen, nitrogen, water, etc. How could the Earth and its environment form by accident? It is impossible.

Furthermore, we would not exist without our moon. The moon helps stabilize the tilt of our Earth, it helps create the key ocean tides so the ocean water does not become stagnant, etc.

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