Twenty Reasons Why The Theory Of Evolution Cannot Be True

Due to the clever tactics of the atheists and evolutionists, many students and others believe that "evolution" is a force in nature that creates things.

Actually, "evolution" is nothing but a concept or belief system!! Evolution is the concept that there is no God and that everything in the Universe, including the Universe itself, was created by a long series of accidents starting with an accidental Big Bang. In fact, the "theory of evolution" should really be called the "theory of accidents"!!

The goal of the atheists and evolutionists is to explain how everything came to exist by chance, or to put it another way, came to exist by accident. In short, everything came to exist by God or by accident. And the theory of evolution has a lot of scientific problems as this article will point out.

The second major thing that must be understood is "natural selection." The atheists and evolutionists claim that natural selection is the major force behind the success of the theory of evolution. This is nonsense. Natural selection is nothing but an elimination process, and it is not in any way a creation process!!

Natural selection is all about one species eliminating a weaker species. But natural selection does NOT EXPLAIN where either of those two species came from!! Natural selection has nothing to do with creating a new species. It is purely an elimination process. New species can only come from new DNA!!

So the real question is this: can the pure, unintended accidents of the theory of evolution create a new DNA strand, or a new cell, etc. etc.?? The answer, as this article will explain, is an emphatic NO!!!

The theory of evolutioin is so absurd, from a scientific standpoint, that the atheists and evolutionists have had to resort to using deceptive definitions to get "evidence" for the theory of evolution.

This article lists some of the top reasons, from among hundreds of reasons, that the theory of evolution cannot be true!!

1) Physical Constants and Fine-Tuning of the Universe. There are more than 300 physical constants, but several of them are vastly critical to the Universe even existing. See this website:

2) Our Universe. Our Universe consists of more than 100 billion galaxies, many of which are clustered together in groups (e.g. clusters and superclusters). In addition, our Universe is thought to be 178 billion light years across!! The Big Bang is generally accepted, but could not have been the result of an accident. It is just an an "excuse" the atheists have found to pretend that God does not exist.

3) Our Sun, moon, orbit, etc. In order for humans and plants to exist on this earth, there must be a Sun, our earth must be the right distance from the Sun, our earth must be in the right orbit, and our earth must rotate for the tides (which are caused by the moon's gravity), there must be the right mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, etc.

None of this could have come to exist by chance, especially if there had been a very hot Big Bang, which would have vaporized any liquids on this planet.

4) Human DNA is so sophisticated that a single cell, with a single DNA strand, namely the fertilized egg inside of a mother-to-be, has the intelligence on the DNA to create an entire baby, via 30 billion cell divisions, who has 30 billion cells and 60,000 miles of blood vessels, etc.

The blood vessels of this tiny baby would wrap around the earth, at the equator, twice, with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over!!

5) When the human baby is born he or she will have an incredible brain which is connected to the nervous system, a skull to protect the brain, a spinal cord (the spinal cord is a cylindrical bundle of nerve fibers), a spine to protect the spinal cord, two eyes which are connected to the nervous system, a liver, a pancreas, etc. etc.!! And all of this came from the instructions on a single cell - the fertilized egg!!

I call the algorithms on the DNA of the fertilized egg, which creates the new baby via billions of cell divisions, the morphing of the embryo algorithms. These algorithms on DNA control the "morphing" of the embryo from a single fertilized egg into a crying baby.

6) The morphing algorithms on the DNA of the fertilized egg are incomprehensible in sophistication because they also need to make sure that the 60,000 miles of blood vessels are fully enclosed before blood starts to circulate or else the baby would bleed to death before it was born!!

Thus, the DNA in the fertilized egg must make sure the cells in the new baby are the
1) correct types of cells (and there are 200 different types of cells), and
2) each type of cell must be in the correct locations as the fetus morphs, and
3) the cells must be created in the correct order.

As an example of the second item, you don't want a million fingernail cells being put in the brain of the developing fetus six weeks after conception or at any other time. The right kinds of cells must be in the right locations at all times.

Item #3 could also be classified as a "timing" issue, meaning the timing of when each cell is created, during the morphing of the embryo, is critical.

To demonstrate that DNA could not have been created by a series of accidents, see the bar charts on one of the chapters in one of the free eBooks on this website. This chapter is a series of bar graphs which prove, beyond any doubt, that accidents cannot create a viable DNA strand. And these bar charts do not even discuss the physical construction of DNA!! Click:
Book: Patterns of Intelligence - Chapter 18 - (Study All Bar Charts!!)

7) You might wonder where the blood for the baby comes from. It comes from the blood of the mother. Try to figure out how the blood gets from the mother to the baby as the 60 thousand miles of blood vessels are being formed. Good luck.

The complex process by which blood gets from the mother to the baby could not have "evolved" because it had to work perfectly before the first human baby was born on this planet or else no human baby would ever have been born alive on this planet!! Ditto for all other mammals which have live births.

8) While the new baby is morphing, something must be keeping track and controlling the billions of cell divisions as the process of cell divisions are happening!!

For example, you don't want the brain to grow faster than the skull is growing.

What controls and keeps track of the morphing of the embryo of a new baby as the morphing is going on? No one has a clue because every cell in the baby has exactly the same DNA.

I should point out that the instructions on DNA do not work like a computer program, they use a type of logic which is beyond human comprehension to replicate. And thousands of other species also use these types of algorithms. The next item will go into more detail on this issue.

9) The fertilized egg starts out as a single cell, then it divides into two cells, then each of these two cells divides and there are four cells, then the four cells divide and there are eight cells, then the eight cells divide into sixteen cells.

Let us think about these first 16 cells. If every one of these cells was exactly like the fertilized egg, the baby would have 32 arms, 32 legs, 16 skulls, 16 brains, etc.

But that is not what happens. These 16 cells, which should be identical, create 16 different sets of cells in the new baby!! And these 16 sets of cells must integrate with each other. How this happens is massively beyond human comprehension. And this applies to every species of animals on this planet!!!

There is an article on this subject:
When There Are Sixteen Cells

10) A "permutation" is a unique way to order a list of objects. There are 4, raised to the power of 3.2 billion, different ways to order the nucleotides on the DNA in the human fertilized egg. The vast, vast, vast majority of these permutations will not create a living baby.

By comparison the estimated number of atoms in our UNIVERSE is 10 raised to the power of 90!!!

Four raised to the power of 3.2 billion is far, far, far beyond human comprehension!! But only a very, very, very minute percent of these permutations would create a viable human baby!!

In fact, randomly creating a viable permutation of nucleotides, even for a mouse, by chance, would be far less likely than picking a single correct atom, hidden from among the atoms in a trillion Universes. This is not an exaggeration!! This statement may not be politically correct but it is easily mathematically correct.

It is a fact that all of the scientists on this planet could not put the nucleotides for a gnat in an order that would create a gnat!!

Do you think that humans could create human DNA, with the nucleotides in a correct ordering? Absolutely not!!! Yet the atheists and evolutionists believe that "accidents" (i.e. evolution) created everything in the Universe, including human DNA.

According to atheists and evolutionists, accidents are thousands of times smarter than all of the scientists in the world!! I don't think so. The atheists are just looking for converts. God is millions of times smarter than humans (at least) and God designed the DNA for all species!! More on this below.

11) For humanity to exist, the DNA of the first male human had to be able to create a male human. Also, the DNA of the first female human had to be able to create a female human.

However, in addition to this, the male DNA and the female DNA had to align with each other such that they could have a male baby or a female baby (depending on which sperm cell reaches the egg of the mother first).

In other words, the DNA of the first male human not only had to be able to create a male baby, but it also had to align with the female DNA such that the male child has features of both the mother and father!!! Ditto for the first female human.

This alignment means the genes on the male and female DNA must be in the same order and each gene must be in the same location on the male and female DNA, as two examples.

It also means the morphing of the embryo algorithms, for both male and female, must also align with each other and yet the algorithms on these two DNA strands must create very different humans (one male and one female)!!

A team of cockroaches would have an equal chance of designing human male and female DNA as a team of humans would.

12) In addition, the first male and first female had to exist at roughly the same time period, and in roughly the same location on the earth (so they could find each other and have children), and their DNA had to be created such that they could have at least one male child and at least one female child to perpetuate the human species.

13) In addition, these same male/female issues apply to all species which have both a male and female (e.g. dogs and cats). Even turtles have both a male and female. But the first male and first female land turtles would not have been very good at finding each other on this planet.

14) DNA is so sophisticated that no team of scientists on this planet could, in a thousand years, design and build the DNA for a male and female human from scratch, including the cells the DNA resides in. But the scientists would also have to design the DNA such that the new DNA can create a male and female baby who can grow up and have children of their own. And their children must be able to grow up and have children of their own, etc.!!

15) The First Living Cell issues. By definition, the First Living Cell would have been created before there was any other life on this planet. So how did a living cell form from nothing but sterile water, sand and rocks?

16) What is life? No one has a clue. In fact, life is likely a result of a "spirit," but atheists reject a human spirit or any other type of spirit, so they cannot explain where life came from. Nor can they create life from non-life and they have tried.

17) DNA resides inside of cells. Cells could not have been created by accident, yet that is part of the theory of evolution. The activities that are going on inside of cells is beyond comprehension.

Here is a quote from another website:

  • "We now know that there are in fact tens of thousands of irreducibly complex systems on the cellular level. Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world. Molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote, "Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world."

And this quote did not mention DNA. The truth is that only a massive intelligence could have designed and created the DNA and cells for all of the complex species which exist on this planet. And that massive intelligence is God. I will talk about where God came from below.

18) How did cell divisions begin? The first living cell would have been so crude there is no way that it could have divided into two cells to perpetuate the "species."

19) Many animals eat plants. For these animals to survive, plants must have existed at the same time, or before, these animals were created. Plants are also necessary for oxygen to exist so plants had a second reason to exist before humans existed.

20) Gravity makes no logical sense. Why would our moon be attracted to our earth? No one can rationally explain gravity. It is almost certain that gravity is caused by ether (i.e. aether). A large physical object may create a "weakness" in the ether, thus causing celestial bodies to attract to each other.

But scientists are stupid and refuse to talk about aether because the existence of ether was supported by Nichola Tesla. Physicists can't get funding if they mention Tesla because Tesla could create free energy. Tesla was the greatest scientific genius in history but he is blacklisted by people who call themselves "scientists."

I personally did an experiment that proved ether exists, but five physics journals refused to even look at my article even though I worked at Sprint at the time and the experiment was funded by Sprint. It is not that physicists have low I.Q.s, it is that they hate truth and love money and the glory of the world. Likewise, most biologists believe in the theory of evolution. Are they that stupid or do they love money and the glory of the world?

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