Unlimited Reasons Why The Theory Of Evolution Cannot Be True

The theory of evolution is the claim that there is no God. If there is no God, then where did human DNA, and the DNA for millions of living and extinct animal species, come from, male and female??

While many people think that "evolution" has created all living things, and their DNA, in fact, "evolution" is not a force in nature such as gravity or wind or sunlight!! "Evolution" is nothing more than a claim or belief that there is no God!! That's it!!! !!!

If there is no God then the only logical "force" that can create things is accidents!! The "theory of evolution" should really be called the "theory of accidents."

The term "evolution" is nothing but a fancy word for the term "accidents."

But you will NEVER hear an atheist talk about "accidents." They will weave a story to make it appear like "evolution" has a brain, that "evolution" is just as smart as God and that "evolution" has the ability to create DNA, sequence DNA, create a Universe, etc. etc. And they make all of these claims without ever using the term "accidents!!"

The "bottom line" is that evolution has an I.Q. of ZERO and accidents have an I.Q. of ZERO!!!

Another key concept in the evolution debate is the concept of "natural selection." Natural selection is the claim that the "stronger species will survive." In other words, natural selection is the claim that a strong species can eliminate a weaker species. While this is certainly true, the elimination of a species, via natural selection, has nothing to do with the creation of a new species, meaning it has nothing to do with evolution!!!

In other words, the atheists and evolutionists frequently talk about "natural selection" as if it is a key part of evolution, meaning the creation of new species. But "natural selection" does not create DNA, it does not create cells, etc. The only thing "natural selection" does is eliminate species which already exist!!!

In fact, natural selection and the creation of new species work against each other!!! Natural selection is trying to eliminate weak species whereas the evolutionists claim that new species are created by accidents. Natural selection would easily win this battle because natural selection is true but evolution/accidents can never create or sequence the DNA for a new species with new DNA!!!

So while "natural selection" is true, it has nothing to do with creating a new species so it is irrelevant to the evolution debate!!

Because God created all species natural selection is a perfectly viable theory.

This article is the best of the best of the best reasons evolution cannot be true. Little effort is made to rank these reasons because every one of them is a proof that the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!

The reason for the title of this article ("Unlimited Reasons") is because there may be new items added to this article from time to time. So there is no set number of items in this article!! Nor is the order of these items cast in concrete as new items may be inserted anywhere or existing items may be moved in the sequence of issues.

Existing segments of DNA cannot be moved to another location on the DNA (which would be required many times to create a new species from an old species) for the following reasons:
1) To create a segment to be moved to a new section, the DNA must be broken in two places,
2) To insert this segment into a new location the DNA must be broken in one place (where the segment will be inserted)
3) The problem is that the DNA strand must be reconnected in three places
4) The location where the segment was taken from
5) Both endpoints of where the new DNA segment in inserted.

It's not going to happen because of the "rail" issue. See item #2 below.

1) The Construction of DNA

While scientists can create artificial DNA, they would have no clue how to sequence the nucleotides on DNA to create an extinct species, such as the Woolley Mammoth!!

While creating DNA may be easy, and stealing the sequence of nucleotides can be stolen from an existing animal, to recreate the DNA for a long-extinct species is impossible because of the sequence of nucleotides.

Scientists only understand about 3% of human DNA, so you think that the sequence of nucleotides is simple to understand and simple to create for an extinct species??? NO!!!

2) Changing the Length Of A DNA Strand (The Foundation Of Evolution!!)

With the discovery of DNA in 1953, the entire foundation of the theory of evolution became the claim that the DNA of one species can be randomly converted into the DNA of a new and improved species!!!

For example, scientists may claim that bonobo DNA "evolved" into human DNA. This article represents the flaws in the entire foundation of the theory of evolution after the discovery of DNA!!!!
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand By Evolution/Accidents Is Impossible

See also this related article and pay close attention to how DNA is compared to a computer program:
Article: Can Accidents Create A New Species From An Existing Species??

3) Human And Other Animal DNA And The Morphing Of The Embryo

All animals start out as a single fertilized egg followed by millions or billions of cell divisions. We assume that these cell divisions, which convert a single cell (the fertilized egg) into a baby animal via cell divisions, is controlled by the sequence of nucleotides on their DNA and/or the spirit of the animal (including humans).

It is far, far, far beyond human comprehension how the DNA inside of a single cell can control millions or billions of cell divisions and end up with a living, breathing baby animal, male or female!! Yet with or without the spirit of the human or other animal, this is exactly what happens to create a baby animal!!!

Let me borrow three paragraphs from the home page:

  • The human DNA strand, which is inside the fertilized egg of a new human mother, contains 3.2 billion nucleotides (A, C, G, or T) , which is a computer program that is so sophisticated that a single cell, with a single DNA strand (the DNA strand is seven feet long but it is coiled up to fit inside of a cell that cannot be seen with the naked eye), namely the fertilized egg inside of a mother-to-be, has the intelligence on the DNA to create an entire human baby, via 30 billion cell divisions, who has 30 billion cells and 60,000 miles of blood vessels, etc.

    The 60,000 miles of blood vessels in this newborn baby would wrap around the earth at the equator twice, with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over!!

    When the baby is born he or she will have an incredible brain which is connected to a massive nervous system, a skull to protect the brain, a spine to protect the spinal cord (the spinal cord is a cylindrical bundle of nerve fibers), two eyes which are connected to the nervous system, a beating heart, a liver, a pancreas, 300 bones (which eventually fuse into 206 bones), etc. etc.!!

The baby starts out as a single fertilized egg with zero inches of blood vessels. Thus, as the morphing continues the length of the blood vessels continuously increases until the 60,000 miles of blood vessels are complete. Here is the point: How can the length of the circulatory system increase so much, in such a short amount of time, and yet the circulatory system is continuously enclosed???

Here is another morphing of the embryo issue: what tells the cell divisions (which are increasing the size of the baby long after birth) TO STOP DIVIDING (i.e. to stop increasing in number so the person stops growing)!!! If the child doesn't stop growing he/she will become 30 feet tall as they get older!! No one has a clue why we stop growing.

Furthermore, human scientists have never decoded an entire DNA strand, not even for an ant!!!

These are just the tip of the iceberg of the sophistication of the morphing of the embryo via the control of cell divisions.

Most likely the spirit of the child has a lot to do with answering some of these questions.

4) Permutations of Nucleotides on Human DNA

There are 43,200,000,000 different ways to sequence (i.e. order) a human DNA strand.

The VAST VAST VAST (insert the word "vast" one million more times) PERCENT of DNA Permutations Would Be Worthless and would not create a viable human baby!!!

And all of this is only for one male DNA strand, such as to create a male baby!!! There is also a second male DNA strand to create a female baby!! Plus there is a gender-neutral DNA strand for the mother!!

In other words, it takes three different types of DNA strands to perpetuate the human species. Two from the male (one to create a male baby and one to create a female baby) and one from the female (which is gender-neutral) so the mother can have both male and female children to perpetuate the species).

Howver, it takes FOUR NEW AND IMPROVED DNA strands which have the new length/configuration of nucleotides to create a new species from an old species:
1) DNA in a male sperm cell (of the father) must be modified into the new species DNA,
2) DNA in a female sperm cell (of the father) must be modified into the new species DNA,
3) DNA in a gender-neutral female ovum (to be fertilized by the new male sperm cell) must modified into the new species DNA,
4) DNA in a gender-neutral female ovum (to be fertilized by the new female sperm cell) must be modified into the new species DNA.

And all of this applies to both current animals and extinct animals (e.g. Woolly Mammoth). And of course, all of these new DNA strands must be "created" in the same latitude, longitude and timeframe so they can mate.

More on DNA as we go along.

5) Permutations of Nucleotides on All DNA

If a person were to add up the length of every DNA strand on this planet (i.e. two human male DNA, one human female DNA, two donkey male DNA, one donkey female DNA, two bear male DNA, one bear female DNA, etc.) this length would likely be 1,000,000,000,000,000 nucleotides!!!

The number of permutations of this composite DNA strand would be 41,000,000,000,000,000!!!!!!!

To think that the massively, massively minuscule percent of these permutations, which would create all of the species on this planet, could happen by chance is ludicrous beyond belief.

This is literally the #1 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true. It is both a physical issue (to create than much DNA and cells) and a mathematical issue.

See this article for more detail:
Article: Permutations - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory of Evolution

The permutations issues are so deadly to the theory of evolution, that the common answer to all of evolution's problems (i.e. it took "billions of years") is meaningless when considering the permutation issues!!!

The next issue is a continuation of this issue!!!!

6) If Evolution Were True, There Would Literally Be More FAILURES of Evolution Than There Are Atoms In This Universe!!!

Due to the permutation and timing issues relative to DNA, if evolution were true, for every atom in this Universe, and for every atom in many billions of other Universes, there would be countless dead "animals" whose DNA was not quite correct enough to create a viable animal due to defective DNA. The 1090 atoms in our Universe equate to about 4500 atoms in this Universe.

Literally, if evolution were true, all of the atoms in our Universe would have been used up creating species whose DNA was not quite right or they were not created in the same timeframe and on the same planet and in the same latitude and longitude.

Because of the permutations of nucleotides issue, and other issues, and because it would be incredibly, incredibly rare for a viable permutation of nucleotides to create a new species from an old species, for every atom in this Universe there would literally be trillions and trillions of failures of the theory of evolution - meaning all of the dead corpses resulting from the failure of evolution!!!

Or to put it another way: if evolution were true there would literally not be enough atoms in our Universe (about 1090) to create all of the failures of evolution due to the permutation issues!!!

Where are the failures of evolution??? There are none because the theory of evolution is a stupid theory.

7) DNA and the Healing Of Wounds

While I have talked about the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms, another amazing thing about DNA is that it creates a human body (for example) that has the ability to heal its own wounds!!!

It is unbelievable that the body can detect that there has been damage to the body (such as a deep cut) and the body immediately starts to stop the bleeding and over time it can repair the skin, though there may be some scars left.

The sophistication of DNA is simply unbelievable.

8) Genetic Entropy

It is well known that DNA is deteriorating. But if DNA is deteriorating now (i.e. genetic entropy), DNA must have been deteriorating since the first DNA strands were created.

So here is the question: can "evolution" create DNA faster than DNA is deteriorating???

As is explained many, many times on this website, DNA cannot be created or sequenced by accident.

So the fact that "genetic entropy" is a real phenomenon, which would happen faster:
1) DNA is created by purely random accidents
2) DNA is slowly destroyed by genetic entropy?

Item #2 would easily win that race because DNA cannot be created by random accidents!!! So the fact that any animal exists today (including humans) is proof that God can make perfect DNA every time, and that once God makes this DNA it slowly starts to deteriorate!!!

9) The Construction of Cells

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of scientists have PhD degrees in Cell Biology. In order to get a PhD you are supposed to make some new discovery. If cells were simple the Cell Biology departments in many schools should be starting to close down because scientists should know everything about cells by now. It is not going to happen!!

I have one Cell Biology book which has 8 authors. The giant book: Essential Cell Biology (Third Edition) was written by Alberts, Bray, Hopkin, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts and Walter. This book is a very large book and it has 731 pages plus several sections after the actual book. The Glossary has 596 definitions!!!

There are also cell biology books written by creation scientists which focus on how cells are far too complex to have been formed by accident/evolution.
Signature In The Cell - DNA and the Evidence For Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer
The Cell's Design - How Chemistry Reveals The Creator's Artistry by Fazale Rana

These two men are obviously "creation scientists."

10) Atoms

The Universe is full of atoms!!! Roughly 1080 atoms!!! Can scientists create a single atom from scratch?? Well, what materials would they make it from???

It is safe to say that sientists will never make an atom from the aether. In fact, God had to create atoms as part of the Big Bang!!! Wow!!!

11) Sophistication Of Cells

Here is a quote from another website:

  • "We now know that there are in fact tens of thousands of irreducibly complex systems on the cellular level. Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world. Molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote, "Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world."

And this quote did not even mention DNA, which is absolutely critical for the cell.

12) There Are Different Kinds of Cells

As the morphing of the embryo going on, specific kinds of cells must be put in specific locations!! For example, a brain cell should not end up in a fingernail. Likewise, there should not be any fingernail cells in the brain.

As another example, cells in the eyes must be transparent or we would not be able to see!!!

Yet, the baby starts out as a single fertilized egg. As the cells for the baby are created via cell divisions, different kinds of cells must be created which are different than the initial fertilized egg cell!!

13) The Alignment Of The Two Types of Male DNA Strands With The One Type Of Female DNA Strand (For Each Animal Species)

The DNA of every animal (including humans) requires three DNA strands!!! And there are roughly ONE MILLION living animal species, including humans, currently on this planet:
1) The DNA in the male sperm cells (in the male) to create a male baby,
2) The DNA in the female sperm cells (in the male) to create a female baby,
3) The DNA in the female ovum - which is gender-neutral.

There are also three DNA strands for each of the roughly NINE MILLION animal species which are now extinct!!! Yes, even the Woolly Mammoths would have needed 3 DNA strands long before human's existed.

The three DNA strands for each of these ten million species must align with each other!! More on this in the next section.

So because there are ten millions species which do exist, or have existed, the amount of DNA strands which have existed, or do exist is 30,000,000 unique sequences of animal DNA which are, or have been, on this planet.

For each species, these three DNA strands, for each species, must align with each other or there would not be a species.

Now since two of these three DNA strands are male DNA strands, this means the two male DNA strands (one to create a male baby and one to create a female baby) must align with each other because they are two of the three DNA strands that must align.

So one of these male DNA strand creates a male baby and one of them creates a female baby. This means two DNA strands must align, where one of them creates a male baby and one of them creates a female baby!!! Are the atheists serious in claiming these 30 million DNA strands were created and sequenced by nothing but blind, deaf and dumb accidents!!!

In addition, every human child born on this planet is a combination of three things:
1) what their spirit looks like,
2) the sequence of nucleotides on the DNA of their father,
3) the sequence of nucleotides on the DNA of their mother.

14) Alignments Of DNA At The Function Level

There is much more to DNA than just being the same length. DNA is like a massively complex computer program - at the object code level!!! It is the most sophisticated computer program on earth!!! Yet there is no source code for DNA.

In addition, the "morphing of the embryo" sections on the three DNA strands must align with each other. This would be like aligning the object code of three massive computer programs and expecting to get a new computer program by randomly picking one nucleotide, from one computer program, from each slot, and expecting to end up with a functional computer program.

For example, the section of DNA (on all 3 DNA strands for all animals) which create the liver must be in exactly the same location on all three DNA strands for that species of animal. This is insane.

Considering that this applies to roughly a million existing species (and many million more extinct species), has got to be one of the major reasons evolution cannot be true.

How would you like to be given the assignment to recreate the two male Woolly Mammoth DNA strands, and then get locked in a jail until you could figure out how to make these two DNA strands align with each other and align with the female Woolly Mammoth DNA strand. You would in jail forever, yet this precise thing has been done by God for the roughly ten million animal species which have existed, or currently exist, on this planet!!!

Not only can humans not design and create DNA, they have not decoded the entire DNA strand of an ant, much less human DNA!!!

15) The Alignment Of DNA Cannot Evolve Species To New Species (Gigantic Reason)!!!

This section is perhaps the biggest reason that four existing DNA strands (of the bonobo species) cannot evolve into four new DNA strands (to create the human species). Remember, the physical problems must be dealt with as well as the sequence of nucleotides issues.

Let us assume that it takes one million changes to bonobo DNA to create human DNA. Because both bonobos and humans have three DNA strands, all one million changes must be made to all three bonobo DNA strands (which will become human DNA strands) because all three bonobo DNA strands (two for the male) must align in each generation of the transition from bonobo DNA to human DNA!!!

Because it would take one million changes to each of the three bonobo DNA strands to create three human DNA strands (to begin the human race), there will be a total of three million totally random mutations consisting of deletions (e.g. remove a T), additions (e.g. insert a G) and changes of nucleotides (e.g. change an A to a C).

Even though the changes to each DNA strand are made in a totally random order, three million times, the three bonobo DNA strands must align with each other in each of the thousands of generation that it would take for this to happen!!!

As one example, if a sequence of 25 nucleotides on bonobo DNA needs to be added to the bonobo DNA in order to create the new human DNA strand, these 25 nucleotides must be added on all three of the bonobo DNA strands so the three human DNA strands will align at all times!!!

But we are assuming that there need to be a million total changes to bonono DNA to create human DNA. Thus, for each of the one million modifications, whether a deletion or an addition or a modification, the same changes need to be made to all three bonobo DNA strands in the same timeframe and same latitude and longitude!!!

This is an insane requirement especially considering that three million total changes need to be made to bonobo DNA strands and the three bonobo DNA strands (which will become human DNA strands) must align with each other at all times!!

These three synchronized changes to bonobo DNA must include the massively complex computer algorithms that control cell divisions!!! However, the computer algorithms on human DNA must be more massively more sophisticated for humans than for bonobo because humans are massively smarter than bonobos!!! So the algorithms on human DNA must end up massively more sophisticated than the algorithms on bonobo DNA!!!

And the changes to the algorithms must be synchronized on three DNA strands generation to generation!!

So these totally blind, deaf and dumb changes must make bonobo DNA massively more sophisticated because it has to make a massively more sophisticated brain for humans!!

And remember the alignment OF THE THREE DNA STRANDS MUST BE SYNCHRONIZED AT EVERY INTERMEDIATE STAGE from bonobo DNA to human DNA or the human DNA cannot "evolve" from bonobo DNA!!!!

In the intermediate stages, as the computer algorithms are in process of being "upgraded" to human computer algorithms (to create humans) there is no way that the computer algorithms would be functional while the process is going on, so all intermediate species would likley go extinct!!!

Plus, because of the rail issues, DNA cannot be physically changed at all!! See the articles linked to in item #2 above.

16) Patterns Of Intelligence

If the theory of evolution were true, then the nucleotides on every DNA strand would be randomly chosen. This means that the percent of 'A', 'C', 'G' and 'T' nucleotides would be equally distributed on all DNA strands.

But that is not the pattern we see on real DNA.

STUDY ALL OF THE BAR CHARTS (i.e. histograms) in this chapter, from the Patterns Of Intelligence book, Chapter 18:
Chapter Of Book: Patterns of Intelligence

17) Timing Issues

There is always the assumption among evolutionists that when a male of a new species is created by evolution, that a female of this new species is also created by evolution at the same time and in the same place.

This is mathematically inane like many other things in the theory of evolution.

For example, statistics would say that the first male bonobo could have been created a million years after evolution created the first female bonobo. If this had happened there would never have been any bonobos!! Their corpses would create even more debris in our Universe. The same latitude and same longitude and same timeframe, are all necessary to create both a new male and a new female for a new species.

The biggest problem with the atheists/evolutionists is that they need to take far more math and statistics courses. My first college degree was in mathematics.

18) The Sixteen Cells Paradox

When a baby is conceived in the ovum of the mother, the baby starts to be created by this single fertilized cell dividing into two cells. These two cells divide and there are now four cells in the new baby. These four cells divide into eight cells and then these eight cells divide into sixteen cells.

Let us stop at this point and think about these sixteen cells. Each of these sixteen cells will create 1/16th of the final product - a baby.

In other words, if you could color-code the 16 sets of cells which are downstream from (created from) the sixteen cells we are talking about, what would you see??

No one knows the answer to this question, but the point is this: every one of these sixteen cells should be identical to the fertilized egg.

But if this were true the new baby would have 32 arms (two arms for each of the sixteen cells), 32 legs (two legs for each of the sixteen cells), etc.

But that is not what happens. Each of the 16 cells lead to sixteen mutually exclusive sets of cells in the human body!!!

How can that happen when every one of the sixteen cells is identical to the fertilized egg!!!

That is the "Sixteen Cells Paradox." Obviously, we could also have a "Thirty-Two Cells Paradox" as well. This paradox is a proof that all animals have a spirit which is really in control of the cell divisions.
Article: The Sixteen Cells Paradox!!

19) Kehr's Paradox #1 and Kehr's Paradox #2

Kehr's Paradox #1 states that if "evolution" (i.e. accidents) created a DNA strand, there would be an equal number of A, C, G and T nucleotides for ALL species. However, that is not what is observed. For example see the bar charts in this article, including the last one (search for "Chapter 18"):
Book: Patterns of Intelligence - Page 135, Chapter 18 - Patterns Of Intelligence

Kehr's Paradox #2 states that if "evolution" (accidents) created a new DNA strand by modifying an old DNA strand again there would end up being an equal number of A, C, G and T nucleotides.

This is also not what is observed (e.g. assuming human DNA "evolved" from bonobo DNA).
Article: Kehr's Paradox

20) Cell-DNA Paradox

Cells could not exist without DNA to create critical enzymes for the cells.

Likewise, DNA could not exist without the cells to protect them. Furthermore, DNA would be totally useless unless it were inside of a cell.

21) First Female For Each Species Paradox

Let us think about the mother of the first human female or the mother of the first bonobo female or the mother of the first monkey female or the first mother of any other female animal??

Atheism/evolution claims that the first mother of a human female was a bonobo female.

Then "who" was the first mother of the first bonobo female??

And so on.

The theory of evolution depends on the theory of evolution to answer this question. This is a paradox because there is no evidence for the theory of evolution unless you assume the theory of evolution is true!!!

22) Hormones

"Hormones are special chemical messengers in the body that are created in the endocrine glands. These messengers control most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, and even the emotions and mood. Understanding the major hormones and what they do will help patients take control of their health."
Article: What Are Hormones, And What Do They Do?

For example, hormones control body temperature, hunger, amount of calcium in the body, glands produce insulin, sex drive, stress, in women estrogen, testosterone (not to be confused with testosterone in males), progesterone, etc.

Males also have their list of hormones which are created in males.

Like many other things in nature, it sounds simple. However, hormones are not simple molecules. So how does each species have unique hormones which apply to that species specifically??

For example, if humans "evolved" from bonobo, how did the creation of human hormones "evolve" from the creation of bonobo hormones, male and female??

As always, we ask the question: how did all of this sophistication occur by accident for each of the roughly one million current species and even the nine million extinct species??

As always, the theory of evolution fails to come up with a credible answer as to how pure, undirected accidents could have created all of these complex chemicals.

23) Flower / Seed Paradox

Which came first, the flower or the seed??? The seed could not have been first because seeds come from the flowers.

But flowers come from seeds!! So which came first??

Now someone might say that the flower seed "evolved" from a more primative object. How many times do I say on this website that DNA cannot be changed!!!

24) Creating Life From Non-Life

Scientists have never created life from non-life. They have tried but have always failed.

So what is "life."

Well, most religions would say that "life" comes from a spirit. Essentially a "spirit" is given a physical body made of cells.

There is no reason to doubt this claim is true as long as scientists cannot create life from non-life. And especially if scientists cannot create a new species from scratch or bring back to life an extinct species, such as a Woolly Mammoth or Dodo Bird back to life.

In other words, scientists cannot create a spirit for a new species or an extinct species and then create the cells for the spirit via cell divisions.

God is not concerned about being replaced by human scientists - I can assure you of that.

25) The First Living Cell

Let us talk about the "first living cell" on this earth. What was it made from?? Before life was on this earth there were no cells, only mud, rocks and water. So how was the "first living cell" created from nothing but mud, rocks and dirt??

But even if such a mythical cell existed (which was made of mud, rocks and water), how did this "first living cell" divide into two cells?? Cell divisions are incredibly complex.

And how was the first living cell made alive?? Scientists have never created life from non-life and they never will!!!

And how did "simple cells" (which don't exist) get more and more and more and more complex over time???

26) Things Needed For Human Life

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the things that are needed for humans to exist on this puny planet??

1) There must be a sun to provide heat and light,
2) There must be a planet which orbits this sun, is the correct distance from the sun and rotates at the correct velocity,
3) The planet must have soil so plants can grow,
4) The planet needs oxygen (and other gases in the correct proportions),
5) The planet should not have too much oxygen or one spark could blow our planet up!!!,
6) The planet must have a moon so the oceans will have tides and the oceans will not just stagnate,
7) There must be water (both fresh water and salt water), and a lot of it,
8) There must be food (e.g. specific types of plants or other animals) for the humans to eat before "Adam and Eve" are put on this earth,
9) The first male human and female human must be created (by evolution or by God) in roughly the same latitude, longitude and definitely the same timeframe. For example, if Adam was created first, but he died of old age before Eve was created, there would be no humans. Likewise, if Adam was born in Australia and Eve was born in Alaska it is not likely they would have found each other to have children,
10) The same latitude/longitude issues apply to every one of the roughly ten million animal species which have existed on this planet!!!
11) And so on.

And remember this list applies to ALL species with both a male and female. For example, if the first male box turtle was "born" in Australia and the first female box turtle was "born" in Alaska they definitely would never have met and had offspring!!!

So the next time you create a planet keep these things in mind. But the problem is that you would have to create DNA and cells by yourself since these are things that accidents cannot make.

27) Human Ancestor Species

If evolution were true, theoretically we could trace our "ancestor species" all the way back to the first living cell.

For example, the atheists/evolutionists may claim that humans "evolved" from bonobos. They may claim that bonobos "evolved" from chimpanzees. And so on.

What if we were to try and trace the ancestry of human DNA all of the way back to the "first living cell." Let us call this chain of living things "Human Ancestor Species."

How many living things would be on the "Human Ancestor Species" tree?? Well, you have to go from very small DNA for the first living cell (perhaps 1,000 nucleotides) to the vastly superior human DNA of 3.2 billion nucleotides.

At 5,000 DNA improvements per species, the "Human Ancestor Species" tree would have 640,000 human ancestor species!!!!!

Just how ludicrous can the atheists and evolutionists get???

28) The Cambrian Explosion

The "Cambrian Explosion" was not a real explosion, it simply means that for some unknown reason many, many new types of species suddenly appeared on this planet.

This website, obviously pro-evolution, talks about the Cambrian Explosion:
Website: The Burgess Shale

Of course they try to explain it without mentioning God, but so much new and unique DNA suddenly appeared on this planet there is no chance it happened without God doing it. As is mentioned many times on this website, accidents cannot create or sequence a single DNA strand. And in this case, many, many new DNA strands, for many, many new species, "suddenly" appeared "millions" of years ago!!!

In fact, these events may have happened millions of years ago, but "millions" of years could not create a single DNA strand by accident.

29) Fine Tuning Of the Universe / Physical Constants

There are more than 300 physical constants, however, many of them must be incredibly sophisticated, such as the gravitational constant. These could not have come to exist without God!! No way!!!

Consider this amazing, amazing, amazing YouTube video:
YouTube Video: The fundamental constants and quantities of the universe have been carefully dialed.

God had to exist long, long, long before the Universe was created!!!

Sometimes these items are called the "fine tuning" of the Universe or the "parameters" needed to create a Universe. See this website:
RSR's List of the Fine Tuned Features of the Universe

Brigham Young, who was born in 1801 (Darwin was born in 1809), the second prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons), said this about the first cause of all things (i.e. where God came from):

  • Many have tried to penetrate to the First Cause of all things; but it would be as easy for an ant to number the grains of sand on the earth. It is not for man, with his limited intelligence, to grasp eternity in his comprehension ... It would be as easy for a gnat to trace the history of man back to his origin as for man to fathom the First Cause of all things, lift the veil of eternity, and reveal the mysteries that have been sought after by philosophers from the beginning.

In other words, there was a "First Cause" of all things - a beginning - but this beginning happened so long ago, and so many quadrillions of things have happened since then, that these events are far, far beyond human comprehension.

By the way, the largest desert on this planet is 5.5 MILLION SQUARE MILES in size (the Antarctica Polar Desert)!! The Arctic Polar Desert is 5.4 MILLION SQUARE MILES in size!!

There are a lot of grains of sand on this planet for the ant to count!!

If Brigham Young had seen the above YouTube video I am certain he would have changed his statement. In fact, he may have made his statement even stronger.

The fine-tuning of the Universe is a super-gigantic reason the theory of evolution (i.e. the claim there is no God) cannot be true!!!

Here is another YouTube video about the Universe which has a different focus:
YouTube Video: Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? - Brian Greene

"Dark energy" is likely the same thing as Higgs Boson and Tesla's ether, which is usually spelled: aether. But the money-powers don't want Tesla's name to ever be mentioned in scientific journals because Tesla could create free energy (from the ether), so the scumbag super rich, who control funding for science, make sure that the fact that ether exists is crushed in the scientific world.

For example, many years ago I worked for Sprint Corporation. We wanted to know about the nature of light because fiber-optics is all about light waves!!! So I designed an experiment which would have gotten a different result if Tesla was right (i.e. ether existed) or Einstein was right (i.e. photons existed).

The experiment at Sprint proved that Tesla was right. However, physics journals are anti-Tesla in order to get funding from Big Business, so all 5 of the physics journals that I notified about the experiment told me not to even submit my article because they were not going to read it!!

Anyone who thinks that physicists are looking for truth doesn't have a clue what is going on. Physicists are not looking for truth, they are looking for funding and the glory of the world. What a world we live on!!

See this website for more information about aether (by the way, I now live in Lees Summit, Missouri):
The Tesla Physics Website (and there are many other Tesla websites)

30) Gravity

Gravity makes no logical sense!! Why would our Sun and Earth be attracted to each other??

The reason the Sun and Earth are attracted is aether (also spelled "ether" but "ether" has multiple definitions so use "aether"). This was discovered by Nichola Tesla. However, the scientific community doesn't like Tesla (much like the atheists don't like God) because Tesla could create free energy and a great deal of "research" (if you want to call it that) is funded by big corporations. Big corporations don't like free energy.

So if you want big "research" money from Big Corporations you must avoid talking about Nichola Tesla.

For example, when I worked at Sprint we did an experiment that proved aether existed. FIVE PHYSICS JOURNALS told me not to even submit my article on these experiments!! This event proves two things: first, it proves physicists are far more interested in money and status and second, that scientists have absolutely zero interest in truth. It is all about status and prestige.

Essentially gravity is caused by the aether pushing physical objects (such as the sun and the earth) towards each other. So gravity is not an "attraction" as everyone thinks. The motion of the planets and stars is what keeps them from colliding with each other. It is a delicate balance only God could have achieved!!!

The forces of aether and the laws of physics (which say that things should go in straight lines instead of an orbit) are carefully balanced so that our earth does not fall into the Sun or go off into space. This balance is yet another proof that God lives.

31) Our Earth, the Solar System And Our Sun

Just like DNA could not have come to exist by a series of accidents, our solar system did not come to exist by chance.

Our planet must be just the right distance from the Sun or else this earth could not have life.

For example, if we were closer to the Sun our planet would have no water because the water would be evaporated by the heat of the Sun.

But if we were too far away from the sun our planet would be frozen from pole to pole.

Our earth must have oxygen so we humans can breathe, but it cannot have too much oxygen or our planet would have exploded when fire was first used by Adam and Eve.

And so on.

32) Our Moon

As mentioned above, but emphasized here, our moon is necessary for our existence.

The moon keeps the oceans from stagnating. The tides are important (they are caused by the moon) for some types of life.

The moon stabilizes our Earth's rotation so we can exist. Without the moon the tilt of the Earth's axis would vary more which could cause strong climatic effects.

And so on. In other words, the Moon is key part of a system of celestial bodies that are critical for our earth life!!!

33) Our Universe (i.e. The Big Bang)

Due to the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, there is no doubt that the Big Bang really happened. Anyone who says that the Big Bang never happened hasn't heard about the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation discovery!!!

Now everyone agrees that the Big Bang was a real event. The only question is this: was the Big Bang an accident or was it a project of God (or perhaps by someone God gave the power and authority to perform). There are three reasons the Big Bang had to be a project of God:
1) The object that exploded had to contain enough matter to create all of the atoms in the Universe, yet it was probably very, very small, such as the size of a basketball,
2) What exploded this incredibly dense object!!! Such a force could only come from a God (e.g. Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ),
3) How did this gigantic force create rotating galaxies, clusters of rotating galaxies and superclusters of rotating galaxies???3 God must have taken the matter from the Big Bang, and as this matter was expanding, converted it into galaxies, etc.

Over time the "object" that exploded (as claimed by scientists) got smaller and smaller and eventually many atheists now say that "nothing at all" exploded. The only thing that is "evolving" on this planet is the refinement of the story-telling skills of the atheists and evolutionists.

The fact is that God exists and God, or someone He delegated, "lit the fuse" (figuratively speaking) and then ran like hell!!!

34) Water On Our Planet

Our planet has the perfect mixture of chemicals in the air so that life can exist on this planet.

Our planet also has a massive amount of water. About 71% of this planet is covered with water. This is impossible, our planet should not have any water. Any water on this planet should have been vaporized by the heat from the Big Bang.

Water helps regulate the temperature of the air on the land of our planet by absorbing heat during the day and releasing that heat during the night.

35) Perfect Spheres

Scientists have seen many asteroids. Well, the current estimate is 1.9 million!!! What is common about asteroids? NONE OF THEM ARE EVEN CLOSE TO BEING PERFECT SPHERES because they were created by ACCIDENTS in space!!!!

However, our earth and our moon ARE PERFECT SPHERES or darn close to it.

This means that our earth and our moon WERE CREATED BY GOD!!!

36) Where Did God Come From?

Of course, the atheists and evolutionists say that if there is a God, then where did God come from?

This is such a common question that I have an article on that topic:
Article: Where Did God Come From?

37) Evolution Has No Goals

Many times people talk as if "evolution" is trying to create a new species from scratch or from another species. Sorry, "evolution" does not have a brain and evolution has no goals. Evolution is not trying to do anything!!! It is just as passive as a rock. If accidents did create the DNA and cells for a new species "evolution" couldn't care less.

A "species" that already exists may try to survive, but "evolution" is not a "species," and as is said above, it is nothing more than accidents.

38) Pride

So with all the reasons evolution cannot be true (and hundreds of others) why would any teacher or professor claim that "accidents" created all of these things? The primary reason is that many teachers and professors want their students to worship them. God is their competition.

They are the authority figure at the front of the classroom. Their pride prevents them from endorsing (i.e. believing in) an omniscient being who would be massively smarter than they are.

The teacher cannot create or sequence a DNA strand. The teacher cannot create a galaxy or a cluster of galaxies. The teacher cannot create an earth with an atmosphere so humans can live on the earth. The teacher cannot create a moon to control the tides of the oceans. Etc.

So the teacher claims that "accidents" (i.e. evolution) did all of these things. As I have said many times, the atheists and evolutionists describe the things God has done and then they give "accidents" the credit.

39) Sorry Atheists, God is Needed

Would God be needed?? Yes, as I have said many times on this website, accidents could not have created the DNA of an ant!! But we humans cannot create a God. So the atheists and evolutionists will just have to admit that there is a God who created us and that He created all other things which are not man-made.

40) False Religious Doctrines

The atheists and evolutionists do not just use false science to get converts, they also use false religion.

For example, Adam is a major target of the theory of evolution. In the Grand Council the battle was between Lucifer (i.e. satan) and Christ. But Adam (i.e. Michael) was the chief general of the forces of Christ (i.e. Jehovah).
Article: The Grand Council

So the theory of evolution, whose "father" is satan, focuses on claiming that humans evolved from bonobos (or some other primate) and therefore Adam and Eve were not real people!!!

Satan hates Adam and evolution hates Adam. Do you see the connection?? The fingerprints of satan are all over the theory of evolution. Do you see where the foundation and origin of the theory of evolution came from??

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