Eight Major Reasons Why God Must Be Vastly Intelligent

There are several "lists" on this website (about why the theory of evolution cannot be true) if you hadn't noticed. This is one of them.

Creation scientists, also called intelligent design scientists, claim that scientific evidence is overwhelming that God must not only exist, but that He must be incredibly smart!!!

This website, which has four free eBooks and many free articles, is by far the best of the many "creation science" websites. This website presents massive scientific evidence that the theory of evolution is an antique of science. As examples, only God could have done the following things!!!

These are things that scientists cannot do!!!!

1) Create a single atom (what raw materials would scientists use to create a new atom?)!!! Yet there are roughly 1080 atoms in this Universe and scientists did not create a single one of them, nor could they create a new atom today!!!

2) It is now estimated that there are TWO TRILLION GALAXIES in space (of course this is an estimate)!!! No doubt this estimate came because of the Hubble Space Telescope. Guess what, when the James Webb Space Telescope is put in space it will be 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope!!!! I can't wait to see how many galaxies this telescope will see when it is operational!!! See this webpage:
Webpage: The James Webb Space Telescope vs the Hubble Space Telescope

3) Create and sequence the nucleotides (i.e. permutations of nucleotides) on the DNA for roughly 10,000,000 different animal species, nine-million of which are extinct (but every species needed to be created before they went extinct)!!! And it takes four new DNA strands to create a new species as I talk about from time to time. Four DNA strands to create a new species means God had to create and sequence the nucleotides for 40,000,000 DNA strands just for animals!!!

4) Create the sophistication of roughly two billion different kinds of cells which were needed to create the roughly 10,000,000 different animal species which have lived on this planet (as I mentioned, nine-million of which are extinct). Scientists today, many of whom have PhD degrees in Cell Biology, do not completely understand a single one of these two billion types of cells (most of which no longer exist because the species they were on went extinct)!!!

5) I should note the sophistication of cell divisions, which are needed to convert a single fertilized egg into a living baby of any animal species. These cell divisions must put the right type of cell (e.g. humans have 326 different kinds of cells) in the right location at the right time, as the baby is morphing from a single fertilized egg into a crying baby!!! Scientists have no clue how these highly sophisticated cell divisions (which put the correct type of cell in the correct cell type location) are controlled!!!! DNA is nowhere near long enough to control these cell divisions!!!

By the way, a new human baby has about 26,000,000,000 cells and each of them must be the right type of cell from among 326 types of cells!! Another estimate of how many cells a human baby has is 37,200,000,000 cells. Well, I doubt that any two babies have the same number of cells.

So let me use a number inbetween, 31,500,000,000 cells. If we multiply this number by the 326 types of cells we get: 10,269,000,000,000 DECISIONS (over 10 quadrillion decisions) as to which type of cell must be in which cell type type location (for each human baby)!!!!

However, human DNA is only 3,200,000 nucleotides long. Sorry, DNA is nowhere near long enough to control that many cell divisions!!! And this type of mathematics applies to all animal species!!!!

DNA is not controlling any cell divisions, except perhaps for features of the parents that the child has (i.e. genes)!!! We will see even more evidence that DNA is not controlling cell divisions in the Sixteen Cells Paradox in a moment. You will see that the spirit of the baby is controlling most of the cell divisions.

6a) Take your time studying this one, it is very complex!!! Here is another problem with the theory of evolution: if a human baby starts out as one type of cell (the fertilized egg), and if when the baby is born it has 31.5 trillion cells, and each of them is one of 326 different kinds of cells, this means that during cell divisions, in many cases, a single cell division must convert one type of cell into:
two existing types of cells or
one existing type of cell plus one new type of cell or
two new types of cells)!!!

How does a cell know what to do??? And how does one type of unbelievably complex cell divide into one different and one existing or two different new types of cells???

Surprise: it is not DNA that controls the vast majority of all cell divisions!!! Human DNA is only about 3.2 billion nucleotides long. This means that DNA is nowhere near long enough (i.e. it doesn't contain enough information) to control all of the many, many highly sophisticated cell divisions for humans (or most other animal species)!!!

The next item will solve this mystery.

And how does one type of cell divide into two new and different types of cells???? I guarantee that no cell biologists can do this!!

6b) The article on the Sixteen Cells Paradox explains what is controlling most of the cell divisions!!! This is a very key article because it absolutely proves that all animals have spirits!!!! Quite frankly, if we did not have a spirit we would not be alive and our cell divisions could not have created us!!! Here is a link to this article:
This Article By Itself Destroys The Theory of Evolution
Article: The Sixteen Cells Paradox!!

As evidence of this, if a couple has seven children, excepting identical twins, every one of them will look different and have different personalities. But even identical twins have different personalities.

7) OK, you might wonder what happens to your spirit when your physical body dies??? I will answer that question: NOTHING, your spirit keeps right on living because spirits cannot die (they are made of a different kind of matter than our physical bodies). Your spirit stays on this planet and you enter the "Spirit World" which is on this planet. People with a physical body cannot see spirits on this planet unless God specifically allows it. Ponder this: spirits can see anyone with or without a physical body!!!

Here is my article on the Spirit World:
Article: The Spirit World - Where We Go After Death

8) Let me give you a quick example of the intelligence of God and the subject of permutations of nucleotides on DNA. There have been ten million animal species on this planet, one million of which still exist. When a new species is created, whether by God or by evolution (depending on what you believe), it takes four new DNA strands, two to create the male of the new species and two to create the female of the new species!!!

As I mentioned, 40,000,000 DNA strands needed to be created, and the nucleotides sequenced, to create the ten million animal species!!! Do you know how many of these 40,000,000 highly sophisticated DNA strands that PhDs in Cell Biology fully understand today (assuming they had access to all of this DNA): ZERO!!!!

Well, they know a little about genes, but that is about all they understand. They have no clue what controls the cell divisions for the many types of cells that each animal species has. Nor would they believe me if I told them!!!! Well, I do tell them in the "Sixteen Cells Paradox" article!!!

But most cell biologists will not believe my answer because I believe in God so I am an "outcast" to many "scientists" who are too arrogant to believe that some God could exist who is smarter than they are!!!! Many, if not most, of them are atheists and they do not believe that all animals have a spirit. But DNA is nowhere near long enough, for most animal species, including humans, to control the cell divisions which convert a fertilized egg into a crying baby!!!

I am not the only "creation scientist," who are also called "intelligent design" scientists. I love this quote about the mindless and imaginary theory of evolution by creation scientist Frank Turek: "Nature will take a building and turn it into a pile of bricks, but nature will never take a pile of bricks and turn it into a building. (Stealing From God, by Frank Turek, page 68). Amen brother!!!


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