Videos on the Complexity of Cells and DNA

Cells and DNA are incredibly complex. What goes on inside of a cell can best be described as a "miniature, incredibly complex factory."

Anyone would know that Darwin was wrong because cells are far too complex to have been created by pure accident in a warm pond. There are NO "simple cells" for evolutionists to look at.

Yet, the evolutionists try to take the MASSIVE EVIDENCE FOR A CREATOR and "SPIN" this evidence for a creator into the "theory" that it is evidence for the theory of evolution!!!!

In the BBC series on cells there is an occasional evolutionist claiming that evolution started with a single cell, but the fact is that every known cell on this planet has a small and very complex "factory" inside of it.

(Note: Most, if not all, BBC videos have been removed from YouTube due to copyright issues)

Scientists have never found a "simple cell" which did not have a small and very complex "factory" inside of it or proven such a cell could even have existed. All they can do to support the absurd theory of evoution with pure speculation that such a simple cell could have existed.

By their own admission every known type of cell on this earth is too complex to have formed by accident!!

YouTube Videos and Debates Regarding Cells and the Evolution/Creation Science Debate

YouTube videos are an excellent source to get a small feel for how complex a human cell is. This YouTube video is called: "A Tour of the Cell." It is an excellent introduction to what is going on inside of cells, particularly with regards to the organelles. It was created by Bozeman Science:
YouTube Video on the Organelles in the Cells

This YouTube video is an animation of what is going on inside the cells. This is an outstanding video on how a cell deals with inflammation!! The video is called the "Inner Life of a Cell" and it lasts about 8 minutes. It is an excellent video to prove that the complexity of cells could not have come to exist by a series of "accidents!!!"
YouTube Video on the Complexity of Cells (Highly Recommended!!!))

Did you understand all of the more than 100 technical terms in that video?

Many of the terms used in that video are a protein, are made of proteins or are associated with proteins. Proteins are made by the DNA inside the cell. The DNA provides the "patterns" needed to make the proteins via a chain reaction of chemical processes. The patterns are called "genes." They are the patterns to make the proteins inside the cell. The cell literally could not function without the genes on the DNA!!

YouTube video of a John Lennox vs Richard Dawkins debate (Full) - 1 hour 20 Minutes
Video: John Lennox vs. Dawkins Debate - Has Science Buried God

There are many more YouTube vidoes related to cells, evolution, creation science, debates, etc. etc.

Lecture by Dr. Don Patton
Video: Intro to Creation Science: What your University Professors Won't Tell You - Dr. Don Patton

The Big Bang Never Happened - Spike Psarris (many creation scientists believe in the Big Bang due to the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation):
Video: The Big Bang Never Happened

This website uses interviews to support a belief in God:
Video: Evolution Vs. God Movie