Warnings By God To Those Who Force The Theory of Evolution On Students And Others!!!

The Book of Mormon was first published in 1830, which was 29 YEARS before Darwin's first evolution book was published in 1859!!! The Book of Mormon predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution IN THREE DIFFERENT CHAPTERS!!!

There is an article on this website which discusses the major places in the Book of Mormon which include warnings to those who push the theory of evolution. If you have not read this article I strongly suggest you read it now (it will open as a new window so you will not lose your place):
Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Charles Darwin

As that article states, Korihor did not live very long after his episode with the prophet Alma the Younger. Note the parenthetical comment made in verse 60: "and thus we see that the devil will not support his children at the last day, but doth speedily drag them down to hell."

Today, those who write books (e.g. for profit) which push the theory of evolution, and ridicule the miracles of Christ, could end up "like unto the Son of Perdition" as described in 3 Nephi 29:4-7. This does not sound like something a person should strive to become!!! It is very possible that this is a subdivision of the Telestial Kingdom, but in any case it is not going to be a good place to live!!

But that is not the only warning. Consider Matthew 18:6 in the New Testament:
Matthew 18:6

The saving grace for some school teachers might be that they are not likely to mock a religion in their classrooms.

I would assume that these versus in the Book of Mormon primarily apply to people like Richard Dawkins, the late Christopher Hitchens, and many others.

The term "evolution" certainly did not exist when the Book of Mormon was originally written (421 A.D. or before) or even when the Book of Mormon was first published in 1830 because the concept of evolution did not exist in ancient times. In fact, the vocabulary of the prophets in ancient times did not include the vast majority of the words we use today (e.g. airplane, jet, automobile, high rise building, etc.). So the term "evolution" could not be used in the Book of Mormon.

Furthermore, Joseph Smith was not familiar with the term "evolution" in 1830 because Darwin's first book on evolution did not come out until AFTER the prophet Joseph Smith and his brother were assassinated in 1844. Darwin's first book did not come out until 1859 as already mentioned.

So let's talk about the damage done to the youth (and even to many adults) of all churches because of the teaching of the theory of evolution.


The Damage Done By The Teaching Of Evolution In Classrooms

Only God knows how many tens of thousands of Latter-Day Saint youth, and the youth of all other churches, from grade school to graduate school, and even as adults, have lost their testimonies of living prophets and the members of the Godhead (i.e. Heavenly Father, the Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost) because of the theory of evolution. Many have lost their testimonies because their biology class mocked anyone who believed in God (much less the miracles of Christ).

While there are hundreds of scientific reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true, these reasons are never talked about in school in favor of the creative story telling of the atheists. Only the so called "evidence" for the theory of evolution is taught. Here are more than 400 reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true:
More Than 400 Reasons The Theory of Evolution Cannot Be True

In truth, the theory of evolution is complete scientific nonsense. The Home Page of this website destroys the theory of evolution and links to many articles, and four free eBooks which also destroy the theory of evolution.

But the complete absurdity of the theory of evolution has not reached very many classrooms yet. Most biology classes still teach the archaic theory of evolution. Do the authors of these textbooks not know that DNA was discovered in 1953?? Either way, they need to study this website.

As just one example of how absurd the theory of evolution is let us look at some bar charts, which come from one of the free eBooks on this website. This chapter is a series of bar graphs which prove, beyond any doubt, that accidents cannot create a viable DNA strand. And these bar charts do not even discuss the physical construction of DNA or the massive number of permutations of DNA!!
Book Chapter: Patterns of Intelligence - Chapter 18 - (Study All Bar Charts!!)

While I am a Latter-Day Saint (i.e. Mormon) I must admit that the evangelicals have done a magnificent job researching the damage the theory of evolution has done to the youth of their church.

I would start researching this damage (to the evangelical youth) by watching these two free YouTube videos which feature evangelical minister Ken Ham, who is the founder of an organization called: Answers In Genesis.

Already Gone - Part 1 (the Part 1 video may automatically go to the Part 2 video)
Ken Ham YouTube Video #1

Already Gone - Part 2:
Ken Ham YouTube Video #2

While I doubt the damage done by evolution to the youth of the LDS church is as bad as it has been on the evangelicals, there is little doubt the damage has been very significant!!

But note that the damage begins in middle school!!! If a student's testimony of God survives middle school and high school, the colleges are ready to destroy their testimonies of God!!

Many school districts don't want "creation science" (i.e. the teaching that God created all things) taught in school because it is a religious belief. Well, ATHEISM (i.e. EVOLUTION) IS ALSO A RELIGIOUS BELIEF!!!!!! What idiot doesn't know that atheism is a religion!!

Well, I guess the majority of the members of the U.S. Supreme Court are too stupid to know that. They will learn that very quickly WHEN THEY ARE JUDGED BY GOD!!!!

A Little About Judgment Day

Both the teaching that there is a God and the teaching that there is no God (i.e. atheism and evolution) are religions!! If the theory of evolution is taught in schools, then CREATION SCIENCE SHOULD ALSO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS!!!!!

While after the discovery of DNA in 1953 atheism became scientific nonsense, I suspect there will always be atheists on this planet (at least until Judgment Day).

But the atheists want a monopoly so they pretend that atheism and evolution are not religions, but rather they are "science." But as is shown many times on this website, the theory of evolution is scientific nonsense after the discovery of DNA in 1953!! The theory of evolution is nothing but a religion!!!

To be fair to students, every school which teaches evolution should also teach creation science!!! In this way BOTH atheism (the theory of evolution which is disguised as science) and theism (the God of creation science) are taught in school.

But that is not what the atheists want!! The atheists hate truth, they want more atheists. So the atheists and evolutionists don't want creation science taught in schools!! The atheists want to continue their religious monopoly in schools thanks to stupid and corrupt judges!!!

God knew this would happen so the Book of Mormon has dreadful warnings (see the article linked to at the top of this page) to those who push the theory of evolution on students who are very vulnerable to authority. This includes: authors, teachers, school administrators, judges, politicians, etc. who push the theory of evolution on students. God will not be mocked by anyone no matter who they think they are!!

Can the authors, teachers, school administrators, judges, politicians, etc. who push the theory of evolution on students create and sequence the DNA of an ant, including creating the DNA, cells and cell divisions that can create an ant?? Can they do the same for a Woolly Mammoth, for which they do not have the entire DNA sequences to steal from?? Of course not.

In other words, while the reference of 3 Nephi 29:4-7 is specifically about people who write books, get paid for giving lectures or being part of debates, which include mocking the miracles of Christ in the Bible and other scriptures, there are no doubt many gradations between where the prophets will go and where the really bad people will go!! Here is an article specifically about 3 Nephi 29:4-7:
Article: A Question For LDS Scholars

But note that not even Hitler, Stalin, etc. can fall into the category of "Son of Perdition" or the category of "like unto the son of perdition," so Hitler might fare far, far better than Dawkins or Hitchens, etc. etc. after Judgment Day!!! It is those who "preach" certain doctrines who fit into the "like unto the son of perdition" category!!!

Not even ministers who rant and rail against the Mormon church can fit into this category because they would not be allowed (by their congregation) to mock the miracles of Christ!!!!

This category in hell was designed specifically for the atheists and evolutionists like Dawkins, Hitchens, and many others!!!

Do teachers and school administrators not get paid while they are teaching the theory of evolution in class or setting the curriculum which includes the theory of evolution in the classroom?? Yes they do!! However, they would not likely be allowed to mock the miracles of Jesus in the Bible!!!

Are teachers (and school administrators) willing to take that risk!!!

In fact, there may be many gradations of becoming "like unto the Son of Perdition" for people who mock the teaching of the Bible (or forbid the teaching of these things)!!! I can assure you that the members of the Supreme Court of the United States will be judged by the same God that judges Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens, among many other atheists and evolutionists who push their atheistic doctrines on others!!

If a teacher is required to teach the theory of evolution in their classrooms BECAUSE OF THE SUPREME COURT are not the members of the Supreme Court MORE GUILTY than the teachers!!!!

THE MEMBERS OF THE SUPREME COURT WILL BE JUDGED BY GOD ON THE SPIRITUAL DAMAGE THEIR VOTES DO TO THE YOUTH OF ALL CHURCHES!!!! God made this country free precisely so that freedom of religion would allow start-up churches, like the Mormon or Latter-Day Saint church, to thrive!!! Wo unto those who reverse the will of God!!!

I never cease to be amazed at how stupid many judges are. They seem to think that THEY will judge God!!! How dumb can they be???!!! They are dumb enough to attract the attention of God!!!

Getting back to teachers, they should at least make it very, very clear to their students that there are many very smart scientists (e.g. such as some cell biologists) who are strongly opposed to the theory of evolution!!!

I am sure the founding fathers of this country (the United States) never dreamed that the Supreme Court of the United States would make atheism the official religion of the schools in this country. The founding fathers were men of God and men of integrity.

The supporters of evolution, such as judges, etc. should never forget: it is God, and only God, who will determine where everyone will spend eternity!! And God cannot be deceived and God will not be mocked!!! Remember, it is God who predicted, when the Book of Mormon was being written by ancient prophets, many hundreds of years ago, what would be going on today!!

While they are state and federal judges now, the day will come when they will not be the judge!!! And God can do a lot more damage than a Supreme Court judge, or any other judge, can do!!

Personally, I would not mock anyone who is going to determine where I will spend eternity!!!! And God has already given us very strong clues about what kind of mood He will be in when Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Hawking, Pinker, Shermer, Randi and hundreds of others like them, stand before God!!!

GOD SEQUENCED THE NUCLEOTIDES AND CREATED THE CELLS FOR the DNA for millions of species of animals (including the extinct ones) so I don't think I would want to debate God on Judgment Day!!!


Very Important Clarification

In the LDS church there is a category called "Son of Perdition." This category APPLIES ONLY to members of the LDS church who meet the criteria mentioned in the King Follett discourse of Joseph Smith. Not even Mao Zedong or John D. Rokefeller, Sr. (two of the most sadistic scumbags in the history of this planet) could fit into the "Son of Perdition" category!!!
Speech of Joseph Smith: King Follett Discourse

It is the category of "like unto the son of perdition" that may apply to Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, the late Christopher Hitchens, etc. And to be in this category people must mock the miracles of Christ in the Bible in addition to pushing atheism or the theory of evolution for profit (e.g. writing books, getting paid to give lectures, getting paid to participate in debates, etc.). What I do not know is whether teachers or professors can fit into this category!!! If they could, it would be a very, very rare case.

Now I want to make it very, very clear that only Heavenly Father can make the determination of who fits into this category. It is His call, and His call alone. For example, some of those who fit into this category may repent in time to avoid the serious punishments. That is God's determination.

While school teachers may not directly fit into this category, remember there are many degrees of heaven and hell. If I were a professor or teacher I would not want to find out if I could fit into that category or whether it is an eternal punishment!! Because it contains the words "son of perdition" it may be an eternal punishment, just not as bad as the LDS version of "son of perdition."

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