What Does God Think About Some Of The Proponents Of The Theory Of Evolution??

The theory of evolution did not sneak up on God as I will prove.

When Darwin came out with his first book on evolution, in 1859, God had already predicted this would happen before the birth of Christ!!! There is an article on this subject (the "First Book" article), but I do want to make some comments here.

Most of the people who believe in the theory of evolution are not stupid, they have just never heard the "creationist" side of the debate from a creationist!!!

But let's talk about God. How would you (if you were God) like it if someone said that you never existed?? Well, God has to deal with that very issue every day!!!

God is well aware of the theory of evolution because the theory of evolution is a major tool to draw people away from Him!!! So you would think that the scriptures would mention "evolution!!" Well, the term "evolution" did not exist until 1859 which was about two thousand years after the last authors of the Bible lived and about 1,600 years after the last authors of the Book of Mormon lived!!!

Nevertheless, there are three places in the Book of Mormon which reference the theory of evolution without using the term "evolution" which did not exist when the scriptures were orginally written or even when the Book Of Mormon was first translated and published in 1830.

The Book of Mormon is not about the events in 1830, most of the Book of Mormon is about events that happened before the birth of Christ until more than 400 years after the birth of Christ. The Book of Ether talks about a now extinct group of people. In fact, the Nephites also went extinct so two of the three groups of people the Book of Mormon talks about have been extinct for many centuries.

The Book of Mormon is a book of scriptures written by ancient prophets, like the Bible; but it was written by a different set of prophets for a different group of people. Much of the Bible was written in Israel. However, most of the Book of Mormon was originally written in America, beginning with prophets who came from Jerusalem. The exception is the Book of Ether which deals with people who came from the Tower of Babel directly to America.

At least some of the ancient prophets who wrote the Book of Mormon knew that the theory of evolution would exist in our days and that it would be a serious challenge to people's belief in God and His prophets. The Book of Mormon talks about the theory of evolution in three different places!!! In one of these places, satan himself appeared to a man and taught him the key elements of evolution!!!

The word "evolution" did not exist among the ancient prophets who wrote the Book of Mormon so many words that we use today cannot be found in the Book of Mormon. Obviously this is true of the Bible as well.

Nevertheless, the Book of Mormon gives everyone a feel for what God thinks about some of the leaders of the theory of evolution movement today!!! In fact, there are some atheists/evolutionists that God really doesn't like!!! There is a special category in hell for them (I am not joking)!!!

The phrase: "like unto the son of perdition" is used in the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 29:5-7) along with a description of who fits into this category. I assume this category fits between the Telestial Kingdom and the Sons of Perdition (The "Sons of Perdition" category is solely for Latter-Day Saints). So the "like unto the son of perdition" is at the very bottom of the categories for non-Mormons and is primarily, and perhaps exclusively, for non-Mormons!!!

Richard Dawkins is easily the most famous of the atheists/evolutionists today. He is the "poster child" for easily fitting the criteria for the "like unto the son of perdition" category (according to my research), but many others also qualify!!! But God is the only judge of where people will end up after Judgment Day (i.e. after the Second Coming) so I can only issue warnings!!!

Here is my warning: it is very serious in the eyes of God to kill people physically or to kill people spiritually!!! Which is worse?? I suppose it depends on the case. But the bottom two categories in this list of God's rewards and punishments are for spiritual murder, not physical murder!!!

Ponder that for a moment!!! It makes perfect sense because spiritual issues can have eternal ramifications!!!

Here are the five kingdoms that everyone will fit into after the Second Coming of Christ (from best to worst):
1) Celestial Kingdom (for the very good people),
2) Terrestrial Kingdom (for the honorable people),
3) Telestial Kingdom (for murderers, perhaps adulterers - depending on their repentance and other factors),
4) Like Unto the Son of Perdition (I assume that most, if not all, of those in this category will not be Latter-Day Saints),
5) Son of Perdition (ONLY for Latter-Day Saints)

Note that the bottom two categories, the worst two categories, are purely about spreading false doctrines and attempting to destroy people's belief in God!! The punishments for both of these two categories are worse than the punishment for most, if not all, murderers (the telestial kingdom)!!!

Having said all of this, the "Like Unto The Son Of Perdition" category may be a subdivision of the Telestial Kingdom.

In any case, does this category mean that Richard Dawkins will be worse off than Hitler on Judgment Day?? That is a very good question. The answer may be that the worst of those in the Telestial Kingdom may end up worse than some of the people in the "Like Unto The Son Of Perdition." So there may be some overlap in the categories, I just don't know.

There is more about the "Like Unto The Son of Perdition" punishment in the "First Book" article mentioned below.

My point is that the Book of Mormon was published more than 110 years before the birth of Richard Dawkins, yet it described him (and many others) with perfect accuracy when it talks about the "Like Unto The Son Of Perdition" punishment (the key versus will be highlighted when you open the new window):
Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 29:5-7

I believe that Dawkins, the late Christopher Hitchens and hundreds of others are at high risk for falling into this category!!!

If you know how to read between the lines: wo, wo, wo unto any judges (from local judges all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court) or school district administrators or others who force school teachers to exclusively teach the theory of evolution in school!!! God will not be mocked!!!

Atheism/evolution is a religion just as much as Christianity so for courts to allow the religion of atheism in schools, but to not allow a generic (i.e. no specific religion) form of Christianity in schools, is not something a judge should do if they want to have a good day on Judgment Day!!!

God can cast your soul into hell forever!!! The Supreme Court of the United States can only throw you into jail until you die. But I should emphasize that ALL judges (even Supreme Court judges) will be judged by God, whether they believe in God or not!!!

Yes, God far, far, far (add another 1,000 "fars") outranks those on the U.S. Supreme Court!!! Our founding fathers and their families were very religious people!! America was founded precisely to have freedom of religion!!!

Perhaps the solution is to allow some generic (no specific religion) discussions on the basic teachings of the New Testament because the vast majority of Americans believe in the New Testament. And make that class optional (i.e. parents must approve).

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