Why Do We Need Computer Programmers???

Let us compare the claims of the evolutionists (i.e. that evolution created DNA) to humans writing computer programs. We can do this because computer programs are FAR FAR LESS sophisticated than any DNA strand for any plant or animal. The question at hand is: "if evolution is true, why do we need computer programmers?"

Human computer programs (after being compiled) are in "base 2" (each "bit" is a '0' or '1') which is very similar to DNA, which is "base 4" (each nucleotide is an 'A' or 'C' or 'G' or 'T').

In fact, we could easily convert a DNA strand into a computer program using this conversion algorithm: 'A' = 00, 'C' = 01, 'G' = 10 and 'T' = 11. Obviously this computer program would be massive in size and would not compile or run on any computer. But my point is that both computer programs and DNA contain intelligent information.

It has been said many times on this website that the theory of evolution should be called the "theory of accidents" because if there is no God (as the atheists and evolutionists claim) then everything had to be created by accidents!!!

If new computer programs cannot be created by random number generators, generating '0's and '1's randomly, or if newer computer programs cannot be made by randomly modifying existing computer programs with random number generators ('0's and '1's being randomly added, deleted and changed), then we can reject the theory of evolution because human computer programs are massively LESS SOPHISTICATED than DNA!!!

But of the many, many millions of complex, or even moderately complex, computer programs on this planet; NONE OF THEM were written by random number generators to simulate the way that the theory of evolution must work!! Every computer program (either at the source code level or object code level) has been written by intelligent human beings who studied computer languages and programming!!

Computer programs can be written from scratch or by modifying an existing program but all of them have been created by human intelligence.

In fact, the microchips in the computers and the computer languages were also designed and written by human beings, not by random number generators!!!

But if evolution were true, corporations would not need computer programmers!!! All they would need is computer programs that generate random bits (for object code programs) or random letters (for source code programs).

If evolution were true, all computer programs could be written by one of two methods:

Case #1) The computer programs could be written from scratch by random number generators,

Case #2) Programmers could take the source code of an existing computer program and create a new and improved computer program, which has new and improved features, the same way evolution supposedly works; by randomly modifying the existing source code of a computer program with random number generators to choose where the modifications are made and what random changes are made (i.e. addition, deletion or change). If evolution were true, the new program should work perfectly the first time, every time!!!

In the case of #1, no functional computer program on earth, that does something humans need, including entertainment, has ever been written exclusively by a random number generator.

In the case of #2, we must remember that because evolution always claims that new species have been created by accidents/evolution and the species made by the new DNA are always superior to the old species; when we make a new computer program by randomly modifying an existing computer program; the new computer program made exclusively by random changes/mutations to an existing program should be more sophisticated than the old program and the new program should have new features that the original program did not have!!

I say this because there is no evidence of any failures of evolution, though occasionally there will be a genetic defect. But genetic defects never make DNA better.

All of this is absurd!! And so is the theory of evolution after the discovery of DNA. Human DNA and the DNA of thousands of other species are massively more sophisticated than any human-generated computer program even if DNA is primarily a database.

So let us summarize this. Millions of sophisticated computer programs were written by trained computer programmers who used compliers which were written by trained computer programmers and microchips designed and made by trained human beings.

Yet evolutionists claim that roughly forty million far, far, far more sophisticated DNA strands, for unique animal species, were "written" by pure accidents, called "evolution." And that is just for animal species which have existed or do exist on this planet.

And for each of the roughly ten million animal species which have existed, or do exist, four DNA strands are needed and for each species these four DNA strands must align with each other in a very, very sophisticated way!!!

This includes the claim that the four of the most complex and sophisticated computer "programs" on this planet, human male DNA and human female DNA in the father's two types of sperm cells and the two non-gender DNA in the mother's ovum, were "written" by a sequence of many millions of random mutations to prior DNA (e.g. bonobo DNA) by what is called "evolution."

And also remember that human DNA is by no means the longest DNA strand!! Human DNA is not even close to being the longest DNA strand!!

And the two male DNA strands (one to create a male baby and one to create a female baby) and the DNA of the female must align with each other, even at the level of creating the liver for the new baby.

At no time on this planet have any computer programmers tried to align the object code of two highly sophisticated computer programs (called "male" and "female") to create a new computer program which has features of both of the original two computer programs!!

Remember from the home page, that the word "evolution" and the word "accident" mean exactly the same thing. They both mean: without any intelligence or design by an intelligent being.

There is something very wrong with this picture!! If the concept of evolution were true, randomness would be far, far smarter than human beings - so why don't company executives write computer programs with random number generators to simulate evolution??

They would not need to hire expensive computer programmers. And executives are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits!!!

Anyone familiar with what I am talking about would say that randomly creating object code for new computer programs would create trillions of faulty and worthless computer programs before there was a success. Actually, there would never be a success (e.g. a new computer program with a new and functional feature with a menu item pointing to that new feature).

It is ludicrous to think that any set of random mutations (to a computer program's binary code) would create a new and improved computer program which has new features.

Similarly, in trillions of attempts to create human DNA from the DNA of any primate there would be trillions of failures (i.e. dead animals which look like the primate but which could not survive) and ZERO successes!!

And where are the trillions of dead animals whose DNA mutated but the mutation failed to create a new and improved species?? There are none because the theory of evolution only exists in the vain imaginations of the atheists/evolutionists.

In addition, random number generators can be trillions of times faster than evolution at writing computer programs!! Yet not a single functional computer program on this planet has been written by a random number generator to generate its binary code!!

Do you see the problem? EVERY complex computer program on this earth was written by an intelligent human being. But evolution teaches that EVERY far more complex DNA strand (of every plant and animal) was created by a long series of accidents!!!

Remember, humans are smart enough to write computer programs but they are not even close to being smart enough to design a DNA stand for an extinct animal. So how could accidents "design" and "create" a DNA strand for an animal or a human??


So Why Does The Theory Of Evolution Even Exist???

The reason the theory of evolution exists is not because of science and mathematics, it exists because the leading atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, consider the theory of evolution to be their best chance to get converts to atheism!! And many others follow the lead of the leading atheists who will go down to hell.

If you think I am wrong, study this article:
Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Charles Darwin

And that is the key as to why there is still a "theory of evolution." If everyone believed in God they would simply say (about anything they cannot understand regarding cells and DNA): "God knows and hopefully some day we can figure out how God did it."

Only God could have created the level of sophistication needed to create the two types of DNA for human males, and the two gender-neutral DNA strands for human females.

And only God could have created the four DNA strands which were needed to create millions of other complex species. Life is far, far too complex to have been created by a random series of accidents.

To make matters worse for evolution, if evolution were true, the DNA of the first male and first female humans (and all other animal species) had to be created during the same timeframe (within 50 years of each other (or less) so they could mate before dying), and in the same latitude and longitude on this earth (so they could find each other and mate).

Plus their DNA must have aligned in such a way that the two male DNA strands (one of which is used) and female DNA mix together to have offspring, who have features of both parents. And they must have at least one male child and one female child to create a new species. The two babies are the new species!!!

Try doing that with two computer programs!!

Write two complex computer programs which are about the same length but have several different functions. Then create a third computer program which is created by this algorithm: for each bit on the new program randomly pick a bit, from the same slot, from either the first program or second program using a random number generator to determine if the bit comes from the first program or the second program.

See if you end up with a new computer program (a "baby" computer program) that has most of the features of one of the programs but also has features of the other program. It would never work in a million years!! The new program will not even run. Yet Mother Nature can combine the DNA of the male and the DNA of the female and end up with a healthy baby who has features of both parents!!

In addition, if a couple has seven children, excepting identical twins, every one of them will look different and have different personalities. But even identical twins have different personalities.

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