What Does The Word "Evolution" Really Mean???

The goal and purpose of the atheists and evolutionists who push the theory of evolution can be summarized thusly: their goal is to convince people that there is no God and that Adam and Eve never existed!!

The atheists and evolutionists claim that all animals were created by "evolution," meaning every animal "evolved" from a prior, less sophisticated species. For example, they may say that humans "evolved" from bonobos or chimpanzees or monkeys or some other primate.

They say this because they want people to believe there is no God and that Adam and Eve never existed.

But there is a major problem with the theory of evolution. The word "evolution" does not represent a tangible object or a physical force that can create things!! Evolution is only a claim or belief that there is no God.

Theories and beliefs only exist inside of people's brains, they cannot create physical things, much less create physical things intelligently!!! Only tangible things can create other tangible things!!!

Let me repeat that: Only tangible things can create other tangible things!!! Get that through your head: Only tangible things can create other tangible things!!!

To say that "humans evolved from bonobos" (or any other pimate) does not describe a tangible object or a physical force (much less an intelligent physical force), it only describes a belief that there is no God.

"Evolution" and imaginary processes are not tangible and they are not a force in nature such as gravity or wind or sunlight!! "Evolution" does not have a skull or a brain or eyes or ears or legs or a heart!!!

See this excellent webpage on the Types of Forces:
The Physics Classroom: Types of Forces

Note that the word "evolution" does not appear on that page, nor should it appear!!!

In effect, the atheists/evolutionists claim that the imaginary evolution is massively smarter than human beings because human beings cannot sequence the nucleotides for a mouse (without cheating), must less for humans!! But the atheists/evolutionists claim that Donald Duck (i.e. imaginary evolution) created and sequenced the DNA and cells for ten million animal species, one million of which are alive today.

By the way, it takes four new DNA strands to create a new species!!! Thus it took 40,000,000 highly sophisticated DNA stands to create these ten million animal species!!!

And human scientists today do not have the slightest clue how any one of these 40,000,000 DNA strands came to exist or what they are used for!!! Yet they claim that the totally imaginary Mickey Mouse created and designed these 40,000,000 DNA strands!!!

To make it even worse for evolution - there is zero evidence of failures in the process of creating these 40,000,000 DNA strands!!! Do you think that the imaginary Mickey Mouse could create 40,000,000 DNA strands without making any errors!!!!!

So "evolution" (e.g. which is no more real than Superman), which does not exist, must be billions and billions of times smarter than human beings!!!

All of this is nonsense, the word "evolution" is nothing more than a claim or belief that there is no God!! That's it!!! Evolution is not a physical object or a force that can do things, much less do things intelligently (such as sequence the nucleotides on any DNA strand)!!

Humans did not "evolve" from other primates any more than humans "evolved" from Donald Duck or Superman because both Donald Duck and Superman and "evolution" are all imaginary things!!!

Evolution has no eyes to see, no arms to create cells or DNA, it has no legs to travel, and above all evolution has no brain to design and intelligently sequence the nucleotides on any DNA strand, nor can it create the many millions of different types of cells which were needed for the creation of one million species of animals currently on this planet, much less the nine million extinct animal species, all of which have or had both males and females whose DNA have or had to align in an incredibly precise way and they all have or had unique sets of highly sophisticated cells!!!

  • Very Important Note: when I use the word "align" I do not mean that the three DNA strands, the two male types of DNA and the one type of DNA for females for each extinct and existing animal species, have the same sequence of nucleotides, I mean that the DNA strands (for a specific species) must align with each other at the function level (e.g. the section involved with creating the liver) - I will talk about this concept later).

How can I make the "evolution" debate any more clear!!!!!! Superman, the tooth fairy, the flying spaghetti monster, the theory of evolution , Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. are all exactly the same thing - a make-believe fantasy!!!

Please explain to me why Donald Duck cannot create and inteligently sequence a single physical DNA strand but "evolution" can create and intelligently sequence 40 million physical DNA strands!!! None of the above fantasies can pick up a deck of cards, cook a dinner or design, create and sequence a single DNA strand!!!

Donald Duck would be far smarter than "evolution" because Donald Duck has an imaginary brain, but "evolution" doesn't even have an imaginary brain!!!

In fact, every time you hear or see the word "evolution" substitute the word "evolution" with the words "Donald Duck." Donald Duck could create and sequence the nucleotides on a new DNA strand, for a new species, just as well as evolution could!!! They are both purely imaginary!! But Donald Duck was smarter because he could talk in English!!!

Let us look at this another way: DNA is a physical object therefore only physical objects can create or sequence or resequence a DNA strand because a DNA strand is a physical object!!!

But the word "evolution" is not the only deceptive term used by the atheists and evolutionists. In the section below: Deceptive Definitions In More Detail I talk about additional deceptive definitions to make the theory of evolution look valid!! The truth is that the theory of evolution is a nothing but a house of mirrors.

In summary, no animal species on this planet has ever evolved from another animal species because "evolution" is nothing more than a Superman comic book!!!

Let me say that again:

In summary, no animal species on this planet has ever evolved from another animal species because "evolution" is nothing more than a Superman comic book!!!

Mindless/Brainless Accidents

So if there is no God, as claimed by the atheists/evolutionists, and if "evolution" has the same imaginary physical features as Superman, Batman and Robin, then what would be the force in nature that created human DNA and the DNA for all other species???

The atheists and evolutionists have no choice except to claim that the Universe, cells, DNA, DNA sequences, etc. were all created by UNINTENTIONAL, DIRECTIONLESS, PURPOSELESS, MINDLESS/BRAINLESS ACCIDENTS!!!

However, the atheists and evolutionists will never use the term "accidents" because they know that no one would believe them if they used the correct word "accidents" instead of the imaginary word "evolution"!!!

"Accidents" have no brains!!! Well, neither does Superman or "evolution"!!!! But at least accidents exist. In the context of the theory of evolution, another term for "accidents" is "mistakes"!!! So we humans exist because of God or because of countless billions of mistakes!!! Have you ever heard the phrase: an incredibly intelligent mistake??? That is the ultimate oxymoron!!!

In fact, the word "evolution" is nothing but a Superman pipe dream. Furthermore, if accidents did create and sequence the DNA for all extinct and living animals, planets, etc. then accidents are claimed by the atheists/evolutionists to be massively smarter than humans because humans cannot sequence the DNA for a single animal or plant species (without cheating)!!!

Well, there is far more to this than that. If accidents did create all of the DNA and cells on this planet there would be more defective and dead animals (whose DNA was not good enough to create a living animal) on this planet than there are atoms in this Universe!!! I will talk about this statistical fact later in the article on permutations.

Yes, God is alive and well. I will talk about where God came from much later in an article called: "Where Did God Come From??"

Most of this website is designed to explain why "accidents" (though I almost always use the term "evolution" because this website has been around since about 2004 and I have always used the term "evolution") could not have created a single DNA strand or a single cell on this planet!!!! When you hear or read the word "evolution" you should translate that word into the words: "mindless accidents." The word "mindless" and the word "accidents" and the word "evolution" are redundant with each other!!!

Remember, I will frequently continue to use the term "evolution" but when I do, remember that a more correct term would be "mindless accidents" because "evolution" is not a force in nature much less an intellgient force in nature.


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