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The Sophistication Of Human DNA

The human DNA strand is seven feet long, but it is coiled up to fit inside of a cell that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The baby is made by roughly 37.2 trillion cell divisions and the new baby will end up with 37.2 trillion cells which includes 60,000 miles of blood vessels, etc.

The 60,000 miles of blood vessels in this newborn baby would wrap around the earth at the equator twice, with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over!!

When the baby is born he or she will have an incredible brain which is connected to a massive nervous system, a skull to protect the brain, a spine to protect the spinal cord (the spinal cord is a cylindrical bundle of nerve fibers), two eyes which are connected to the nervous system, a beating heart, a liver, a pancreas, 300 bones (which eventually fuse into 206 bones), etc. etc.!! Now you have an idea of why humans have 200 different kinds of cells.

The DNA in a sperm cell of the father of the baby contributes part of the DNA for the new baby and the DNA in the mother's ovum (egg) contributes part of the DNA for the new baby. The DNA strands include databases from the mother and father which must align with each other!!!

But it is even more complicated than that. Men actually have two types of DNA strands: the DNA in the "male sperm cells" which will lead to a male baby and the DNA in the "female sperm cells" which will lead to a female baby. The DNA in the mother's egg/ovum is gender-neutral.

So if a male sperm cell penetrates the mother's egg/ovum first (along with its DNA), a male baby will result. If a female sperm cell penetrates the mother's egg first (along with its DNA), a female baby will result. The sex of the baby is literally a swimming race of sperm cells to penetrate the ovum first!! See this amazing six-minute YouTube video:
YouTube Video: Fertilization

Thus, there are three types of DNA strands for existing animal species: two from the father (one type to create a male baby and one type to create a female baby), though only one of them is used each time conception happens - the one that gets to the ovum (the third type of cell) first!!!

The ovum cell is gender-neutral and it has a gender-neutral DNA strand inside.

So there are cells with DNA inside which will lead to a male baby; cells with DNA inside which will lead to a female baby and cells with gender-neutral DNA inside!!!

But the alignment between these three types of cells is more sophisticated than you think. The father's DNA to create a male baby has features on it to create the male sex organs. Likewise, the father's DNA to create a female baby has features to create the very different female sex organs. Yet the three human DNA strands still need to align with each other whether the baby will be a male or female!!

The "Path" To Human DNA (The Death of the Theory of Evolution)

Let us suppose that from the "first living cell" (which we will assume had 5,000 nucleotides) and each of 639,999 consecutive intermediate species (we are talking about the theory of evolution now) added 5,000 nucleotides to each generation of the eventual human DNA. Remember, we are only looking at the path of species sequentially including the first living cell and human DNA if the atheists and evolutionists are correct. All other species are ignored in this section.

At 5,000 additional nucleotides per species, plus the length of the First Living Cell, human DNA would have the actual 3,200,000,000 nucleotides (I suspect this might not be exacty correct, but that is of no concern for this section, the concepts are what are important).

We have already talked about the fact that DNA cannot be changed while it is inside of a cell (because there is nothing inside of a cell that can change a DNA strand), yet each of these consecutive DNA strands (from First Living Cell to human DNA) must be changed many times for each of the 639,999 consecutive species just to create human DNA (if evolution is true)!!

Every one of these consecutive DNA strands (for the consecutive intermediate species) did not have DNA that was just added to the end of the DNA of the prior species!!! Every one of them had DNA that was precisely designed for that species!!!

So let's talk about a typical change that evolution would require. Suppose a segment of DNA needs to be moved during the "evolution" of humans from a single cell. This is not an addition of nucleotides, only a move of nucleotides.

In fact, many, many, many moves would be needed during this process.

This would require the DNA strand to be broken in three places. It must be broken once where the segment is moved too. And it must be broken twice to create the new segment. Then the DNA strand needs to be put back together. It must be put back together in two places to connect the two endpoints of the segment that was moved on the DNA and it must be reconnected once once where the moved segment came from.

But that only accounts for "moves" of segments of DNA. A "move" does not increase the length of the DNA strand and by context we are talking about adding more than 3 billion nucleotides to a DNA strand over the many, many generations!!!

So during the morphing and growth of the DNA from the first living cell, to create human DNA, countless new and unique segments of DNA would need to be added to this growing DNA strand. These new DNA segments must not only be created but must be inserted into the DNA as we were just talking about. But in this case only two breaks and two reconnects would be needed.

But we have already discussed that there is nothing inside of a cell that can "break" a DNA strand and there is nothing inside of a cell that can "insert" (i.e. integrate) a segment of DNA into an existing DNA strand!!!

But this is one case where the many millions of moves of segments takes center stage. The whole theory that human DNA could be created from the DNA of the first living cell is pure nonsense!!!

And where does the new DNA come from because human DNA is a lot longer than the DNA of the First Living Cell??? That is a major problem for the theory of evolution.

And remember from above (i.e. Part 1 of this home page), each "new" animal species needs four new and improved DNA strands to create a new and improved animal species.

So in the process of moving from the First Living Cell to human DNA many of the intermediate species would have needed four new and improved DNA strands!!!

Plus, the DNA for every species which has ever lived on this earth (even for an ant) has DNA that is so sophisticated that scientists cannot figure out how it works!!! Obviously scientists today cannot figure out how to design the DNA for any species, yet these same scientists say that "evolution" (i.e. they refuse to use the word "accidents" so they use the term "evolution") has created all of these species!!!

Plus, if evolution were true your cat (let us assume your cat is named "misty") would also be descended from the "first living cell." So your cat would be your cousin. So you should start calling your cat: "cousin misty"!!!

Plus, the permutations of nucleotides would need to have a different structure for each and every species. In other words, the sequence of nucleotides for every intermediate species would have a unique sequence of nucleotides, and this would apply to major sections of DNA for every species!!! So the sequence of nucleotides would be forever changing!!

In addition, there is nothing inside of a cell that can change the DNA strand, must less intelligently make it longer and longer. This totally destroys the theory of evolution.
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand By Evolution/Accidents Is Impossible

The "path" concept of humans evolving from a first living cell proves how ridiculous the theory of evolution is.

In other words, the path concept is impossible because DNA cannot be created or modified while inside of a cell. And where did the materials to create new segments of DNA (to be added to the growing DNA) come from??? Yet, if evolution were true there must be a "path" of species from the "first living cell" to human DNA and from the "first living cell" to every other species, including plants and birds!!!

And we have also talked about the necessity for every living thing to have a spirit both to control cell divisions and to create "life."
Article: The Sixteen Cells Paradox!! [Read the entire article before going on!!!]

But as always the issue of permutations of nucleotides comes up. There is absolutely zero intelligence inside of a cell. This means that all sequences of nucleotides (i.e. permutations) are totally brainlessly random!!!
Article: Permutations - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory Of Evolution

The process of writing computer programs can teach us a lot about the process of evolution which requires new and improved DNA every time. In other words, if computer programmers wrote computer programs the way that evolution "writes" DNA there would be no functional computer programs on this planet!!!
What Computer Programming Can Teach Us About Evolution

DNA Must Be Perfect!!!!!

Think of the DNA for the several million species on this planet which have existed or currently exist, as the most sophisticated computer programs on this planet. This is because the most sophisticated computer program ever written by human beings is less sophisticated than the DNA of a cockroach!! While a human designed computer program may be longer than a DNA strand, it is not more sophisticated.

In addition, if you had 99% of a complete DNA strand of the male and 97% of a complete DNA strand of the female (during the evolutionary process), this male and female could not have had any children because their DNA would not align!!!! Remember, DNA is primarily a database and the "fields" on both DNA strands must align with each other!!!

The four DNA strands for each new species, male and female, must all be in the same latitude, longitude and timeframe.

When species started to have a male and female, for each new species, the random changes to the male DNA of the current species and the random changes to the female DNA of the current species must continuously (i.e. in every step) align!!!

The probability of this happening by evolution (i.e. accidents) over many generations of species from the "first living cell" (as evolutionists claim existed) is far beyond ludicrous.

Only 100% complete DNA from the male and 100% complete DNA from the female can align with each other and be able to create a viable child!!

DNA is "irreducibly complex," meaning every section and sequence had to work the first time!!!

In addition, humans could not have "evolved" piecemeal from a prior species (e.g. a Bonobo) or scientists would be able to find some of these mutated intermediate species. But every species they find is perfect except for rare mutations.

Anyone with a functional knowledge of permutations and statistics would immediately know that God is alive and well!!! The good news is that because our spirits are His "children" He actually wants us to succeed, which may require a change in course!!!

More On The Religious Aspects Of The Evolution Debate!!!

The LDS Church (i.e. the Mormon church) has created dozens of inspiring short videos about the life of Christ and His apostles. Any Christian would love these Bible videos!!! They are straight from the Bible and are non-denominational!!! The videos are free of course:
Article: Bible Videos

Before going on with the scientific reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true (and there are many, many reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true), we need to talk about why the theory of evolution even exists!!!

In the Book of Mormon, in Alma 30, is the story of the great prophet Alma the Younger and his confrontation with an "anti-Christ" named Korihor. Both of them lived decades before the birth of Christ so their confrontation was largely centered on the future birth of Christ. Here is an article on this chapter in the Book of Mormon:
Article: The Book of Mormon And Evolution - Alma Chapter 30: Alma The Younger Versus Korihor

Here is an article which lists, side-by-side, the teachings of God versus the teachings of the theory of evolution (in this case it is literally the teachings of satan because in Alma 30 satan himself taught Korihor):
Article: LDS Doctrines Versus Evolution Doctrines In Alma 30

You can see that the two columns are mirror-images of each other as you would expect!!!

All of us (this includes you), existed as spirits long, long before we were born on this planet. In fact, sometime before Adam and Eve were put on this planet by God (about 4,000 B.C.) we (that includes you and me) were alive, as spirits, and we were at a meeting called the "Grand Council."

  • Technical Note: while it is common for Latter-Day Saints to claim than our spirits are the children of God (and there is certainly nothing wrong with saying this), technically our spirits have existed forever. Joseph Smith said: "The spirit of man is not a created being; it existed from eternity, and will exist to eternity. Anything created cannot be eternal; and earth, water, etc., had their existence in an elementary state, from eternity." (Joseph Smith, in HC 3:387).

This quote implies that spirits cannot die (because they are made of a different kind of matter than the matter that makes our body). Not even an atomic bomb blast can kill a spirit because spirits are made from a different kind of matter.

It was at the Grand Council that satan (i.e. Lucifer) and his followers were cast out to become the devil and his angels. It was also at this meeting that the prophets, and many others, were chosen to perform their main duties on this planet.

At this meeting Jehovah (i.e. Jesus Christ) did not promise to save all people (His plan was a plan of free agency), but Lucifer promised to save all people (his plan would have forced all of us to obey him and he would have "saved" all people). Lucifer's plan was rejected by Heavenly Father!!

In other words, sometime before Adam and Eve were put on this earth there was a WAR IN HEAVEN, which we were at and we had to vote on who the Savior would be!!!! The battle was between the forces of Christ, who would later become the Savior, and the forces of Lucifer, who would very quickly become "the devil."

Both men volunteered to be the Savior. Jehovah was chosen and Lucifer rebelled and took billions of people with him "down to hell."

Here is an article about this war (this article links to the Grand Council article and the First Book article):
Article: The War In Heaven Comes To Earth

This council was INCOMPREHENSIBLY IMPORTANT FOR EACH OF US!!! We would never have had a physical body if we had not voted for Jehovah (i.e. Jesus Christ) to be the Savior of the world at this council. Yes, you were there and you voted for Jehovah to be the Savior.

But I should add that Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao Zedong and all of the other mass murderers were there and all of them voted for Jehovah (i.e. Christ)!! It is possible that they voted for Christ not because they loved Him and His plan, but because they thought that Christ was going to win!!!

We don't know why people voted for one candidate versus the other.

In any case, this life is a different type of test than the Grand Council!!! We have been exposed to two sequential tests - the grand council test (which has already happened) and the mortality test (which is ongoing for those who are alive today). When we die we will be exposed to the test in the "spirit world," where Hitler, et. al. currently are.

It is very rarely mentioned in the LDS church that the spirit world will also be a test!!! Some people who were very, very righteous in the physical world may become very wicked in the spirit world (but "murder" cannot be committed in the spirit world because spirits cannot die).

There is a massive amount of missionary work going on in the spirit world because there are no countries or mass media or armies in the spirit world to stop the missionaries or brainwash the people there (the spirit world is actually on this planet, but we cannot see them)!!!

We know this council occurred before Adam and Eve were put on this planet (more than 6,000 years ago) because Adam was a key player in the event!!! Adam was essentially the Savior's top General at the Grand Council. So we have existed as spirits far longer than you might think!! But by design we do not remember anything that happened to us before we were born.

In fact, there may have been tests before the Grand Coucil that we have not been told about.

Because Adam was the main General of the forces of God and Christ, at the Grand Council, Adam was and is a key enemy of satan!!! And what does the theory of evolution teach?? Evolution teaches that we "evolved" from primates, meaning it teaches that Adam and Eve never existed!! The theory of evolution bypasses Adam and Eve.

The theory of evolution is satan's perfect doctrine because it eliminates the Godhead (Heavenly Father as even existing, Christ as not being the Savior and the Holy Ghost as not even existing) and almost as important, the theory of evolution eliminates Adam and Eve from ever existing!!!

These are the five real people (Adam and Eve were resurrected after the Savior was resurrected) who the theory of evolution claims never existed (well, they have to admit that the Savior existed, so they claim that He was not the Savior)!!!!

Yes, the theory of evolution is a mirror-image of truth and it is Satan's perfect doctrine!!!

The classic discourse on the origin of God, and the Grand Council, is the "King Follett Discourse" given by Joseph Smith not long before he was martyred. Here is a link to this amazing discourse:
Speech: King Follett Discourse (The Prophet Joseph Smith)

This article is about the Grand Council, which all of us attended (even before Adam and Eve were put on this planet) and was mentioned in the King Follett Discourse. This is probably the most interesting article on this website because you were there:
Article: The Grand Council

The importance of this council, and the importance of our individual vote, cannot even remotely be comprehended!!!

As Adam was a major player in the Grand Council, Adam became a major enemy of satan. This is an article that provides a lot of detail about why the theory of evolution targets Adam and Eve and why the theory of evolution claims they never existed:
Article: Why The Theory Of Evolution Attacks Adam And Eve

Here is an article on comments by the First Presidency of the LDS church about the Origin of Man:
Article: The Origin of Man - First Presidency

God knew that the theory of evolution was coming long before Darwin's first book was published in 1859. In fact, the Book of Mormon, published in 1830 (29 years before Darwin's first book), predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution in three different places!!

The Book of Mormon (considered as "scripture" by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or Mormon church) was published in 1830, which was 29 years before Darwin's first book; yet the Book of Mormon predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution in three different places, as just mentioned. So God was well aware that the theory of evolution was coming, even in 1830 (and actually long before that when the Book of Mormon was originally written - the prophet Joseph Smith only translated the Book of Mormon from gold plates which could survive indefinitely)!!

While this next article does not directly "deal with" teachers and professors and administrators (the warning is for people like Richard Dawkins) it should give even teachers and professors and judges cause to wonder whether they should be teaching their students that there is no God or ruling against teaching about God (any school should be allowed to talk about God, but not any specific religion except in church-owned schools).

The warnings come from the Book of Mormon, which was published 29 YEARS before Darwin's First Book and 110 years before Dawkins was born:
Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Charles Darwin!!!

Here is an article of a key quote by the First Presidency in 1909 about the origin of man:
Understanding The Context of the 1909 and 1910 Statement Of The First Presidency

See also this article about LDS anti-evolution resourses (MANY ADDITIONAL LDS ARTICLES FOR LATTER-DAY SAINTS):
Article: Additional Section For Latter-Day Saints (i.e. Mormons) And The General Public

This article, which was mentioned above, is for judges (even Federal and State Supreme Court judges), school board members, principals, teachers, etc. who are responsible for the teaching of the theory of evolution in schools:
Article: A Warning By God To Those Who Teach/Endorse/Force The Theory of Evolution To Students!!!

I should also mention that there was a world famous scientist, who was a contemporary of Charles Darwin, who did not in any degree agree with Charles Darwin!!! His name was Louis Agassiz (1807-1873). Here is an article about him:
Article: Louis Agassiz - The Contemporary of Darwin Who Denounced The Theory of Evolution

Common Ancestors

The concept of "common ancestor" is totally based on the belief that DNA can be changed!!! For example, it is thought by many that humans have a "common ancestor" with chimpanzees (AKA: "Chimpanzee - Human Last Common Ancestor" or CHLCA) because some segments of DNA of chimpanzees and humans are very similar.

Well, we do have something in common.

We have a common ancestor or we have a common designer!!! When God designed the DNA for humans and chimpanzees He may have used some sections of DNA more than once!!! God is efficient. I don't know whether He designed humans first or chimpanzees first. This method is common, for example, with those who design automobiles as they would occasionally use common parts from an old model car in the new model car. This saves money for the automobile manufacturer.

Or there could be other reasons that God (or some of His children He assigned the task) used "common parts" on DNA. Remember, DNA is a database so some "elements" of the database could have been coincidently similar or intentionally similar.

The point is that the fact that DNA cannot be changed is VERY IMPORTANT when thinking about the claims of the atheists and evolutionists. This is just an example of how the atheists and evolutionists assume evolution is true.

A Little More About Cells

Thousands of scientists have PhD degrees in "Cell Biology" or Microbiology!! Cells are not simple!! So how could a PhD in Cell Biology or Microbiology think for one instant that cells, and what goes on inside of cells, was created purely by accidents!!!

Here is article with videos about the sophistication of cells - very interesting stuff (this has some YouTube videos):
Article: Videos On The Complexity of Cells And DNA

Here is the bottom line: the scientific evidence is overwhelming that accidents have not created a single cell or a single DNA strand!! Nor have accidents intelligently sequenced the nucleotides on any DNA strand!! The entire foundation of the theory of evolution is scientific nonsense!! Here is my article on Cell Biology and Microbiology (the tip of the iceberg of YouTube links):
Article: Cell Biology and Microbiology

Log into YouTube and put this into the YouTube search engine: "Cell Biology" I don't know how many YouTube videos are on this topic because YouTube is not like Google.

Trust me: God is alive and well and He is a heck of a lot smarter than any of us!!

More On The Male and Female Issues Related To Creating New DNA From Old DNA

As a specific example of the claim that new DNA cannot be created from old/existing DNA, let us assume that evolutionists claimed that human DNA "evolved" directly from the DNA of Bonobos. What their actual claims are is not relevant to this discussion, the issue is whether the DNA of one species (e.g. Bonobos) can be MODIFIED to create the DNA for a slightly superior species or in this case a massively superior species.

We will not cover the situation where a species which does not have a male and female can "evolve" into a species which has both a male and female (which is itself a major issue with evolution), rather we will discuss the "evolution" of a species with both a male and female into a superior species which has both a male and female.

In order for evolution (i.e. accidents) to create the DNA for a new species, by randomly modifying the DNA of an existing species (which has both a male and female), the accidental changes to the (old) male DNA and the (old) female DNA (as required by the theory of evolution) must be in the same sections of their DNA and the changes must happen in the same generation and same latitude and longitude!!

All of the changes to the DNA do not have to occur in the same generation, but each SUBSET of changes must occur in the same locations and same generation. For example, there could be 50 changes to the male and female in each of 10 consecutive generations (for a total of 500 changes to the male and female). But each subset of 10 changes in each generation must include the same 10 changes.

As an example, the same new genes (male and female) must be in the same sections of their respective DNA so that their offspring (the new species) will have the new section(s) of their DNA from both their mother and father!! This is part of the alignment issues required by God or evolution.

But not only must the genes and other sections of DNA align between the male and female (as evolution is making changes to the DNA of both the male and female at the same time so the male DNA and female DNA will align with each other at all times), the database fields on the DNA of the male and female must also align!!

By using the term "align" I do not mean that they have the same nucleotides. What I mean is that the FUNCTION of each section must align.

Don't forget the Sixteen Cells Paradox article in Part 1 of the Home Page.

Where Did God Come From??

If "evolution" cannot be true (for hundreds of reasons), then God must live. So it is common for someone to ask: "Where did God come from?" There is an article to answer that question. Most of this article uses quotes from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - the Mormons - and includes quotes on the nature of God:
Article: Where Did God Come From??

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The Magnitude Of The Problems With The Theory Of Evolution

The above items, and more to come, are just a few of the hundreds of scientific reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true which are discussed on this website.

But I should emphasize that the MAGNITUDE of the reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true is simply beyond comprehension. The permutation issues of the DNA for several million species, many with both a male and female, alone would eliminate any chance that the theory of evolution is true. And the construction of DNA is another issue of such magnitude that the theory of evolution simply cannot be true.

Do not look at each reason the theory of evolution cannot be true as being equal with the other reasons. Some reasons are massive enough, by themselves, to make the theory of evolution completely ludicrous!!!

Now I want to make it very clear that many students have been fooled by the atheists and evolutionists. This is nothing to be ashamed of. The atheists have perfected the art of deception, they are well-organized, very well-funded and their deceptions are highly polished!!!

Atheists don't want a God to exist because a God would be massively smarter than they are. So most of them do everything in their vivid imaginations to pretend there is no God and to claim that everything in the Universe came to exist by pure chance. God is replaced by mindless accidents.

What Should A Student Do??

So what should a student do when they realize the theory of evolution is complete scientific nonsense (and I am just beginning)? It is definitely not advisable for a student to argue with their teacher, but there is nothing wrong with a student quietly going "online" and learning the truth about the absurdity of the theory of evolution because of the sophistication of DNA and the sophistication of the cells that the DNA resides inside of, among many other reasons (e.g. the physical constants and the Universe).

This website shows no mercy for the theory of evolution. Why should it? The theory of evolution is pure science fiction!! In fact, this website discusses hundreds of reasons that the theory of evolution cannot be true, meaning hundreds of reasons that accidents could not have created everything in the Universe, including what is on this earth that is not man-made!!

I can assure you that God is not pleased with people who teach that He does not exist!!! God loves His children (that includes you and me). But as our Father, God wants His children to know the truth. And just as importantly, God is a very forgiving God.

Evolution After The "First Living Cell"

Life on this earth had to start with a single cell. So let us first talk about the credibility of the "first living cell" theory as claimed by the atheists and evolutionists:
Article: First Living Cell

Evolutionists claim that the DNA of the first human male and the DNA of the first human female "evolved" independently over millions of years, from the same "first living cell," by a series of accidents called "evolution"!!!

How did the DNA of the first human father and the DNA of the first human mother "evolve" together from the "first living cell?" How was their DNA synchronized, species after slightly improved species, as the DNA of the males and females evolved independently for millions of years??

Here is the problem, suppose the male DNA evolved slightly faster than the female DNA evolved. Within many thousands of years of new species, their DNA would not align and they would not have been able to have any children that survived because their DNA was not compatible!!

Male DNA and female DNA had to be designed by God, for each species with a male and female!! Evolution could never have designed two massively sophisticated computer programs (DNA) that could be integrated together to create a third computer program (a baby). And evolution certainly could not have done it in the same time-frame and same locations on the earth.

Yet the atheists claim that evolution created male and female DNA for many species that have both a male and female. They must claim the male and female DNA "evolved" over the same time period (so they could mate as they slowly evolved over many generations) and they had to live in the same geographical area (also required so they could mate).

The evolution debate is not about science, it is about God. If you assume God does not exist, or if you believe God does not exist, you will likely believe in the theory of evolution no matter how absurd it is.

Unfortunately, many people who believed in God have been tricked into believing in evolution. In fact, that is the precise purpose of the highly sophisticated deceptions of the atheists and evolutionists (and I have only talked about a few of their deceptions) and why it is taught in most schools, but not all schools. In some schools, "creation science" or "intelligent design" is taught and in other schools there are disclaimers about evolution.

Biology is no longer about science, it is about creative thinking as to how every discovery can be attributed to the theory of evolution in order to get more converts to atheism. Atheists are not interested in truth, they are only interested in getting converts to atheism.

One of the key deceptions of the atheists and evolutionists, to get converts, is their definition of the term "species." They define the term "species" in such a way that each "variety" of dog is a different "species." To them a Chihuahua and a Great Dane are different "species." This gives them the latitude to claim that they have observed a new "species" form. But if the term "unique species" is defined to be a "unique DNA structure" then they have never seen a new "species" be created. Nor will they ever see a new species be created by accident or by human breeding of animals.

The atheists and evolutionists don't like to talk about DNA, they like to tell stories and use deception, such as by using very clever deceptive definitions.

Seven chapters in one of the free eBooks on this website are devoted to deceptive definitions.

In addition, the atheists must claim the entire Universe was created by accident!! How could the atheists and evolutionists claim that the entire Universe was created by accident instead of by God? Well, they had to come up with some "accident" that they claimed could create the Universe, including the superclusters of clusters of galaxies. So the atheists invented the concept of a purely accidental "Big Bang." They want you to believe that an accidental explosion (remember, it had to be an accident) created the Universe. I don't think so.

The object that exploded had to contain all of the atoms in the Universe!!! Only God could have pulled that off!!!

The Current Evolution Versus Creation Science Debate

The evolution debate should not be based on the visual forms of plants and animals (i.e. Darwin's phylogenetic tree), but rather it should be based on the probability that the DNA of the plants and animals (and the cells the DNA resides in) came to exist PURELY BY CHANCE (i.e. by the totally random accidents of evolution)!!

But what massively sophisticated computer program, and human DNA is the most sophisticated computer program on this planet, has ever come to exist by a long series of pure accidents?

Every DNA strand is claimed to have been created by accident and every computer program has been written by computer programmers (and the compilers were written by humans and the operating systems were written by humans), yet EVERY DNA strand is far more sophisticated than EVERY computer program!!

Suppose you were a spy and you were told by your country to steal the instructions of how to manufacture a certain kind of automobile. Would you take a photograph of the automobile or would you steal the schematics of the machines in the factory that made the automobile?? Obviously you would steal the schematics of the machines.

Likewise, debating the theory of evolution by looking at the visual forms of plants and animals is not scientific because it totally misses the root cause of why the plants and animals exist, which is DNA!!

The fact is that without DNA there would be no plants and no animals.

To be more specific, plants and animals are created by the computer algorithms which are on the DNA of the plants and animals. So looking at the visual form of a plant and animal is NOT looking at what causes the plant or animal to exist!!

Needless to say the atheists and evolutionists don't like to talk about DNA or cells, they like to talk about the visual form of each plant and animal so they can tell their stories. They carefully ignore the fact that computer programs in the human world are never written by random number generators, but evolution itself is essentially a random number generator applied to DNA!! Without God there is nothing but total randomness in nature.

The key question in the evolution debate is this: knowing that the "computer programs" on DNA in nature are vastly more sophisticated than any "human-designed computer program," how could the "computer programs" on DNA, for several million species have been "written" by totally random processes?

As will be seen many times on this website, when DNA is looked at during the evolution debate, the theory of evolution becomes scientific nonsense. By definition, there is "no intelligence" in the theory of evolution, especially at the DNA level.

The only "evidence" the evolutionists have for their theory is to ignore DNA and look only at the visual form of plants and animals and then combine the visual form of plants and animals with their exceptional story-telling skills.

Once DNA enters into the evolution debate the theory of evolution quickly collapses because all DNA is a massively sophisticated computer program, even for an ant.

Cell Biology (The Sophistication of Cells)

Suppose you were on a hike deep in the forest and you had not seen any sign of civilization for several hours. Suppose as you came over one hill you saw, what looked like to you, a brand new Buick automobile with its engine running and its headlights on and its hazard lights flashing.

Would you think that this "object" was created by an explosion in a forest?? Of course not. A forest is made of dirt, trees, shrubs, rocks, etc. You would know that what you were looking at was vastly too sophisticated to have been created by an explosion in the forest.

Yet, every cell in your body is massively more sophisticated than any automobile ever made!! To say that any cell was created by a series of accidents is ludicrous. Yet all plants, animals and insects are made from a collection of cells and each of those cells is more sophisticated than a Buick!!

In fact, all of the scientists on this planet could not create a single cell, even without the DNA that is inside of almost all cells. Nor could they create the many other things which are inside the cell that are part of the continuous activities going on inside of almost every cell. Nor could they figure out how to make a cell divide into two cells, including copying the Golgi Apparatus, for example.

Hundreds of scientists have PhD degrees in Cell Biology and/or Microbiology, so cells are not simple!! The large textbook Essential Cell Biology, Third Edition, has 8 authors and 730 pages plus many pages of other information!! The Glossary has 596 definitions!!! Cells are clearly not simple!!

By the way, the term "species" was not even defined in the book!! The term should be defined thusly: "a unique species is determined by a unique DNA structure." But if the atheists and evolutionists used this definition, the theory of evolution would crumble to the ground. This is precisely what so many atheists tap dance around a definition of "species."

Another textbook on Cell Biology is called: The World Of The Cell, Fourth Edition, by Becker, Kleinsmith and Hardin. This textbook is 845 pages. The term "species" does not show up in the Index.

I also own a book called The Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology by J.M. Lackie. It is 725 pages and the print is small.

There are clearly hundreds of reasons the theory of accidents cannot be true due to the sophistication of cells; and this does not include the many issues created purely by the DNA in almost all cells!! In fact, I own two books on this very issue (these are "creation science" books and I am sure there are other creation science books on this topic):
Signature In The Cell - DNA and the Evidence For Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer
The Cell's Design - How Chemistry Reveals The Creator's Artistry by Fazale Rana

These two men obviously believe that God had to create the many species on this earth because they could not have been created by accidents.

Even microorganisms are far more sophisticated than any jet airplane on this planet!!!

What is Life?

Let us look at the issue: "what is life?" For example, if you took a fish and left it out of the water until it died, and then an hour later you put it back into the water, why doesn't it come back to life? All of the raw elements for life are still in the fish, so why doesn't it come back to life? There is something more to "life" than just cells and oxygen and water.

Furthermore, have the evolutionists and atheists ever proven that life can be created from non-life (i.e. inorganic materials)?? Never, never, never - yet they continue to preach atheism.

While several attempts have been made to create life from non-life (e.g. Miller-Uray, Wong and Hartgerink), the scientists have not only failed to create life, they have also failed to prove it can be done. They cannot create a DNA strand from inorganic material, much less a DNA strand with a viable permutation of nucleotides for life which is inside of a cell!!

For example, have scientists put a large shell over a pond, which had no life, meaning there was no DNA and no cells (this simulates "prebiotic," meaning "existing before life"), and observed "life" form by a series of accidents, including RNA or DNA inside of a "first living cell" (in that pond), that was alive and had the ability to divide itself into two cells (which would be required for life to continue)?


Then what is their evidence for evolution? Their only evidence is that many scientists do not believe in God and thus they have no choice except to use their God-given brains to deceive people into believing that everything in the Universe, including human DNA, occurred by chance.

But the theory of evolution should have been thrown in the trash can when DNA was discovered and when the complexity of cells was also discovered. Yet, as scientists learn more and more about DNA and cells, the atheists continue to cling to the theory of evolution as if it were still 1859, when Darwin's first book was published.

The only thing that is "evolving" on this planet is the theory of evolution as evolutionists/atheists constantly need to develop new spin to account for the new discoveries about the sophistication of cells, the morphing of the embryo algorithms on DNA, etc.

Can Accidents Or Simplicity Create Complexity?

As one example of complexity, the human eyes are unbelievable in complexity. Yet the sections on human DNA which create the human eyes must be far more complex than the eyes themselves!! And the intelligence who designed the DNA (God) must be far more complex than the DNA itself!!

In other words, simplicity never creates complexity. To understand these concepts, consider these items:

First, consider that a human-designed computer program exists because of the human intelligence to write the computer program, the human intelligence to write the computer language, the human intelligence to write the computer language compiler, the human intelligence to design and build the microprocessor, including designing and building the memory chips, etc.

Second, consider the output of the computer program which is printed on a piece of paper.

How can the printout on the piece of paper be more sophisticated than the human intelligence needed to write the computer program, to write the computer language, etc.?? It can't!!

Let's think about the memory chips. I have a son who works for a company that makes memory chips. At times he is sitting in a very large room by himself, with more than a billion dollars worth of equipment needed to make memory chips!!

The memory chips cannot be more complex than the machines that made them, and the machines that made them cannot be more complex than the humans who designed them!!

Simplicity cannot create complexity!!

Consider the sophistication of DNA such that it creates a person's brain. Let us think about a pianist.

A pianist must be able to convert thousands on dots on a sheet of music into the movements of their fingers!! To do this the DNA must create the nerves between their eyes and their brain, have the brain process these dots and then the brain controls their fingers. And the DNA must create the muscles on their fingers, etc.

If all of this is in place, and with thousands of hours of practice, a pianist can play the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3!!

What created our DNA, which in turn created our brain, had to be far, far smarter than our DNA and our brain!!!

That would be God.

Accidents (i.e. evolution) have zero intelligence so how could accidents create something with intelligence? They can't!! Intelligence is a top-down process and someone a lot smarter than humans had to design human DNA and the DNA for every one of the several million species on this planet which have or do exist, many of which have a male and female.

Could accidents or monkeys design and build a Buick automobile? Of course not. It takes a lot of intelligence, including many different specialties, to build a Buick automobile. Only humans can build an automobile. Likewise, only God could create the DNA for several million species of plants, animals and insects.

Article: Where Did God Come From?

The truth is that God had to exist long before our Universe was created and our sun was created and this planet was prepared for earth life. So people naturally want to know where God came from!!

Brigham Young, who was born in 1801 (Darwin was born in 1809), the second prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons), said this about the first cause of all things (i.e. where God came from):

  • Many have tried to penetrate to the First Cause of all things; but it would be as easy for an ant to number the grains of sand on the earth. It is not for man, with his limited intelligence, to grasp eternity in his comprehension ... It would be as easy for a gnat to trace the history of man back to his origin as for man to fathom the First Cause of all things, lift the veil of eternity, and reveal the mysteries that have been sought after by philosophers from the beginning.

In other words, there was a "First Cause" of all things - a beginning - but this beginning happened so long ago, and so many quadrillions of things have happened since then, that these events are far, far beyond human comprehension.

By the way, the largest desert on this planet is 5.5 MILLION SQUARE MILES in size (the Antarctica Polar Desert)!! The Arctic Polar Desert is 5.4 MILLION SQUARE MILES in size!!

There are a lot of grains of sand on this planet for the ant to count!!

If Brigham Young had known these two facts, and other facts about deserts, I doubt he would have changed his statement.

  • "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
    Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

While Brigham Young did not know very much about the Universe in his day, he did understand the principle that the "first cause of all things" is beyond human comprehension.

Brigham Young also said this about God:

  • He is the Supreme Controller of the universe. At his rebuke the sea is dried up, and the rivers become a wilderness. He measures the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meteth out heaven with a span, and comprehendeth the dust of the earth in a measure, and weigheth the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance; the nations to him are as a drop in a bucket, and he taketh up the isles as a very little thing; the hairs of our heads are numbered by him, and not a sparrow falleth to the ground without our Father; and he knoweth every thought and intent of the hearts of all living, for he is everywhere present by the power of his Spirit -- his minister, the Holy Ghost.

This article is specifically about where God and the Universe came from:
Article: Where Did God And The Universe Come From?

Here is an article on astronomy (this is a new article and will be expanded as time goes on):
Article: Astronomy

A Summary and Overview Of Some Key Issues

So far we have barely touched the surface of the reasons evolution cannot be true, yet even at this point we have no logical choice except to conclude that God exists. Different religions may have different beliefs about God, but there is no choice except to say that God does exist. In the Mormon religion (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) there are three separate Gods in the Godhead. The head God (Heavenly Father), the Savior (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Ghost.

If scientists are so smart, and believe that God does not exist, can they create a Universe with a planet like Earth that has or had several million species, many of which have both a male and female? Let's think about it.

What is the difference between "creating" a brand new Buick versus "destroying" a brand new Buick by driving it over a cliff??

The difference is that the new Buick being driven off the cliff must have been created before it was driven over a cliff.

How does driving a Buick over a cliff help explain how the Buick got created in the first place?? It doesn't.

So how does finding the remains of an extinct animal (i.e. its fossil) tell us how it was created?? It doesn't. All it tells us is that this animal used to be alive, but now it is dead.

An animal must be alive before it is dead. A fossil does not tell us how an animal was created, it only tells us that the animal is dead.

But even extinct animals had to have DNA and their DNA had to create them either from an enclosed egg (e.g. a chicken egg) or a fertilized egg (e.g. humans or monkeys).

Every animal on this planet, including humans, came from a single DNA strand which was inside of an egg. Whether they came from an enclosed egg (i.e. a chicken egg) or a single fertilized egg in a mother, the animal (including humans) came from a single object and then morphed over time into what it was when it was young and eventually died.

So the evolution debate is not about where bones came from, it is about where DNA came from!!! In other words, when you see fossils, think about the DNA that created these animals!! How did the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms come to exist for many, many complex species, especially when there is a male and female in the species?

Well, we now know that it is not the DNA that is controlling the morphing of the embryo (i.e. cell divisions), it is the spirit of the person or animal that is controlling the morphing of the embryo and the DNA is a database for the spirit. See this article on the "Sixteen Cells Paradox":
Article: The Sixteen Cells Paradox!!

There are so many past and present highly sophisticated DNA strands for both extinct and living animals that the theory of evolution has become ludicrous.

But it is not just about the creation of DNA, it is also about viable permutations of nucleotides on DNA. Even if DNA could be built, the probability it has a viable permutation to create an animal from a single cell is mathematically insane.

It is far beyond the scope of this home page to talk about many subjects. But trust me: the probability of a viable permutation of nucleotides, to create both a male and female for a single advanced species (the permutation of nucleotides on the DNA would have to be almost perfect in order to perform the morphing of the embryo for both a male and female offspring), etc. is so ludicrous it could not happen a single time in the estimated age of this Universe or a billion consecutive Universes.

In summary, here are just a few reasons evolution (i.e. accidents) could never have created human beings:
1) Creating DNA from scratch (e.g. for the "first living cell") is impossible for many reasons (humans still cannot do it),
2) Creating a cell from scratch, by accident, is impossible for many reasons (the inside of a cell is like a small city) (humans cannot do it),
3) Creating life from non-life is impossible and has never been done (though it has been attempted),
4) Creating the mechanisms in the cell, which use the DNA as patterns to create proteins, is impossible to happen by accident. For example, how does this mechanism know WHERE on the DNA a specific protein code is located? Only 3% of DNA is coded for proteins (the "WHERE" issue is a topic by itself),
5) Obtaining a viable permutation of nucleotides on DNA, that could create a human baby, is statistically impossible. It would be far more likely to pick a single atom which is hidden among many, many quadrillions of Universes. This is NOT an exaggeration!!
6) And so on.

But even if scientists could create a cell from scratch, would their "new cell" be alive? The answer is 'no' because scientists don't have a clue what "life" really is.

So how did evolution create a living cell, with DNA or RNA inside, with a viable permutation, with the mechanisms to use the DNA patterns, by pure accident?? Accidents don't create intelligence, just ask any computer programmer how long it would take to write a complex computer program using code written exclusively by random number generators. It would never happen.

So if humans cannot design and create from scratch DNA or RNA, plus a cell for the DNA or RNA to exist inside, and give their new cell "life," with a viable permutation of nucleotides, why would anyone believe that a series of pure accidents (i.e. evolution) could have created the "first living cell" in a sterile pond?

Because that is what they hear in school and on YouTube.

The atheists and evolutionists are great story tellers but they are complete dolts at common sense and logic!!! Popularity and money outranks their brains.

Many reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true are mentioned in various other articles on this website, such as the "Twenty-Five Reasons The Theory of Evolution Cannot Be True" article.

The Evolution Debate

While there are more than 350 books which are favorable to the theory of evolution there are also more than 350 books which are strongly critical of the theory of evolution!!

There are also many YouTube videos on both sides of the debate.

Those who are critical of the theory of evolution are called "creation scientists" or "creationists" because they believe the scientific data favors a "Creator" of the Universe.

In fact, if you want to get published in a leading biology journal you better be an atheist and your article better support the theory of evolution. If it does not praise evolution your article will end up in the trash can, not in a "science" journal.

From the incomprehensible sophistication of DNA, to the amazing complexity of cells, to the earth we live on, to the ends of the Milky Way Galaxy, to the furthest galaxy cluster and supercluster (by the way, the supercluster we live in is called the Laniakea Supercluster), and considering the "constants" in physics (e.g. the gravitational constant); the credibility of the theory of evolution has dropped to ABSOLUTE ZERO!!!


A List Of Key Articles And Books On This Website As Well As Links To Other Websites

This article lists some of the key articles on this website as well as a link to the four free eBooks on this website and it has a link to an article about other websites which have anti-evolution books and movies against the theory of evolution:
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Chapter of Long Book: "Seven Scientific Reasons ... Evolution Cannot be True"

The complete "Prophets or Evolution" book is over 400 pages. This is a link to one of the key chapters in the main eBook. This chapter is a high level overview of seven of the main scientific reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. It also mentions seven other reasons evolution cannot be true. Here is a link to this chapter:
Chapter: Seven Scientific Reasons the Theory of Evolution Cannot be True

Other Anti-Evolution Books

If you listen to the propaganda of the pro-evolution monopoly you might think that anyone who believes in creation science is a dolt. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many "creation scientists" (i.e. those who believe God created this Universe) who are brilliant and have no problems seeing through the false science generated by the scientific establishment.

In fact, many anti-evolution books have been written by brilliant scientists. This listing of anti-evolution books and DVDs contains only a small sampling of the anti-evolution books which exist in print. In fact, there are more than 200 anti-evolution books.

Many of the books were written by PhDs in the sciences. The arguments in these books totally shred the theory of evolution from a scientific standpoint.

Some of these books may be out of print and you may have to use a book finder, such as Alibris, to find them.

Here is a link to this appendix:
Appendix: Books and Movies Against the Theory of Evolution



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